Shimukun Hanryu Interview with Park Bo Gum


A Japanese media named Hanryu Byoyori did an interview with Park Bo Gum in relation to Answer Me 1988 back in June 27 which I find interesting, so I decided to tackle the Mission Impossible Project named brain-killing translation.

It’s old news, but it’s new to me since I only saw it today.

Q: It is said that you have learnt Japanese language before.

A: During senior high, I have chosen to study Japanese as the second foreign language. It has been a long time, so I’ve forgotten most of it, but I can still speak a little. You’re asking me at what level? Kindergarten’s level (laugh).

I have liked Japanese dorama and manga since young, especially Proposal Daisakusen (or Operation Love), it was a nice watch. I also like J-Pop, and listen to NEWS and Yamashita Tomoshisa’s songs. Nakashima Mika’s Snow Flower is the 18th song in KTV.

OMG, I can’t believe he had seen Proposal Daisakusen and listens to NEWS and Yamapi, bahahahaha. He’s a Yamapi fan!!! 

Q: In Answer Me 1988, what sort of character is Taek?

A: Taek is being recognised as a baduk god sort of character, and has been a centre of attention since young. However, he doesn’t know anything other than baduk, and must rely on others to assist him. He has areas that are unreliable.

Q: In order to portray Taek, it is reported that you had gone to learn baduk.

A: I did not learn how to play baduk. I’ve only learnt the posture and the expression of the eyes etc. Initially I had wanted to learn it to the point of ‘Does this kid really know how to play baduk?’, but it is a pity I did not get to that level.

Q: Taek is a baduk genius. What sort of genius is Park Bo Gum?

A: Ahahaha. I don’t think I have anything that can be considered as genius. In comparison to other, I am slightly better in piano. I can play the music after listening to the person played once. Even though it’s just playing out that atmosphere (feels).

Dude, being able to play out the music after only listening to it once may not make you a genius, but it means you have good ears & has that talent of identifying the musical notes! I would kill to have such talent.

Q: That’s fantastic! When did you start learning piano?

A: Since 6 years old (lunar year). My parents know I like music so they encourage me to learn. After learning the basics, I then learnt the technique. If I have no work now, I would play piano in church on Sunday. During resting period (or holidays), I will either stay at home or go to church, because I want to treasure the time I am with my family. Is that very otaku*?

*stays at home all the time and doesn’t have a life (no social life, no love life, etc)

Q: What to look out for from the aspect of Taek in the drama?

A: Amongst the roles I have played up until now, Taek is the one that is most like me. After watching Taek and if others would think of me as “Ah, so Bo Gum is this sort of kid”, I would be very happy.

My darling, are you sure? I admit some parts of Taekie is you, but I’m sure you are more reliable and able to cook and fend for yourself in comparison to Taekie.

Q: Tell us a little from the aspect of the kiss…

A: Hahahaha. A little shy… Rather than what to watch out for, I prefer everyone not be too concerned with it (laugh).

Too bad. How can we not? I’ll never forget how I find out my innocent looking bias virgin boy is an experience good kisser. Not that it’s a bad thing, especially as an actor. I’d have been very disappointed if the kiss scenes turn out to be like Doctor’s.

Q: Lastly, please say something to the viewers.

A: Answer Me 1988 depicts a story where even without communication, friends, family and neighbours can trust each other and gained strength from one another; it is also a drama about friendship and love between friends.

Everyone is all busy with their own life that we only concentrate on thinking about ourselves, this includes me. If through this drama, people will become aware and realise the need to treasure the people around them; I would be very happy.

Interviewer’s Remark:

Before the interview, the first thing he said is, “Do you want to eat?” and he wanted to give the banana in his hand to me. During the interview, he looks at the reporter/journalist and pays serious attention, and often let out interjection such as response particles ‘oh…’ ‘waaa’ ‘really?’. I can see from his cute demeanor, Bo Gum is an actor well-loved by sunbae and dongsaeng.


Source: 【韓流日和】シムクン韓流Park Bo Gum bar


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