Apa Khabar, Malaysia from Park Bo Gum


Omo-ya, this is adorable! Usually stars will record a video message greeting their fans before they hold a fan meeting at that country. Kuala Lumpur is the first stop for Oh! Happy Day fan meeting by Park Bo Gum, so the Malaysian fans get the first personalised message in Bahasa Melayu + English version from him. Aren’t y’all lucky or what?

Greeting Message to Malaysian fans

I’m on the ground at ‘Apa Khabar, Malaysia. Saya Park Bo Gum‘. So unexpected! Now I’m totally expecting each country’s greeting message to start in various languages such as Thai, Cantonese, Taiwanese and Japanese. Oh right, there’s also Jakarta, would Indonesian greeting be different?

This is a greaaaat clip. I’ve been replaying it over and over again for his English. It wasn’t satisfying in Youth Over Flowers in Africa since Jun Yeol was speaking most of the English. So this makes up the dissatisfaction felt in YOF, hehe.

I strongly believe he wrote the greetings himself—the grammar nazi with an OCD—and read it off word-for-word from a paperboard much likely held by Guang Joon, his manager. Soooo cute. It also looks like he had been practising too. Awww.

I’m also looking forward to see if he would prepare different greeting messages too. No pressure of course, Bo Gum-ah. Hahaha. Love you tooo~~

Source: IME Asia Facebook

Greetings to Indonesian Fans

Greetings to Singaporean Fans


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