Getting InStyle with Kim Young Kwang


What happens when you meet a tall, good-looking young man such as Kim Young Kwang? You embrace him and puts him into your basket of bias collection of course. Kekeke. This December issue for InStyle magazine, we have Young Kwang featuring in it where he talks about his role in Sweet Stranger and Me (also known as The Man Living in My House).

I like InStyle magazine, they have eyes for models, and all they need to do now is do a photoshoot with my other bias going by the surname Park, and I don’t mean Park Seo Joon—who is also a regular for the magazine.

Kim Young Kwang is a model turn actor like Lee Jong Suk (not a surprise, given his physique). Coincidentally, it is through Jong Suk that I knew Young Kwang. The two of them did Hot Young Blood and Pinocchio together, and Pinocchio was when he caught my attention. With his good looks and height, it is only a matter of time he will become a male lead.

Young Kwang is born in 1987, but has already served his military service in 2013, so definitely a keeper when all the 1987 and 1988 actors disappear from our small screen for 2 looong years. Gotta plan ahead, y’know? :p

Anyone else watching Sweet Stranger and Me? I wasn’t going to until I saw screenshots of this. It gave me the motivation to check it out, and I wasn’t disappointed, hahaha!

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