ELLE Takes Park Bo Gum to Los Angeles for First Overseas Photoshoot


Updated B cuts: May 7, 2017

Oh yay, we have a preview of Park Bo Gum’s magazine photoshoot for the December edition of Elle Korea. This year Bo Gum experience a lot of ‘first’; heading overseas for a photoshoot is also his first. For a boy who always treasure the moment, I can imagine how excited he must feel.

Teaser #1

Teaser #2

Teaser #3 – 40s

Teaser #4

Bo Gum isn’t from a family who has never traveled out of South Korea, but it was reportedly his first time to the US, and Los Angeles is that lucky city to have him. This trip encompasses both work and leisure. He didn’t entirely disappear from the surface of the earth, but his location was definitely harder for fans to track. There were sightings by non-fans, but unlike in Cebu, he got to enjoy some privacy and have fun without public scrutiny.


These cheerful and sunny pictures were taken at Santa Monica beach and Pacific Park where he shows off his boyish and manly charm. Ahhhh, this must be where Bo Gum was spotted taking a ride at the amusement park.

During the interview, Bo Gum addresses gaining public’s love and attention after the drama: “After choosing the path of becoming an actor, I experience different life and environment from playing various different roles. I constantly remind myself not to waver; to focus on walking the path I chose with a thankful heart.

In the magazine, he has also revealed what he did at Cebu with his Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’ co-stars and crews. “We went diving, it was fun. We’ve also gone parasailing; it was exciting.

Yeah I bet! This boy is becoming more and more adventurous after the bumgee jump at Victoria Falls. Eugh. I cannot follow his footsteps no more. Next thing we’ll probably hear him telling the press he has jumped off a plane parachuting!


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