A Little bit of Musing


It’s unsure what else Elle has intervewed Park Bo Gum since the magazine has not been published, but I hope it will be a refreshing read. Bo Gum is well-trained and good with providing standard answers, which most of the time makes getting to know him difficult, and make reading about him boring (for lack of a better word). We want to know what he likes/loves or dislikes/hates and the interesting experiences he encounter, but he’s not the type that would share. Therefore, it was extra refreshing when he reveals he and Dong Yeon snuck away from the group in Cebu. I wouldn’t mind if he shares a little more of his Cebu trip and his friendships with his co-stars, particularly Kwak Dong Yeon since it has garnered the most attention, resulting them being misunderstood or fall under fans’ scrutiny.

Friends with the same taste, similar life experience (both lost their mother) or interest are difficult to come by, so seeing them share many things in common is a beautiful thing and a blessing from God. I would love to see their friendship grow, and that one day, they would form a BoDong BoDong band. Therefore, it’s upsetting to see criticisms floating on social media, and even more upsetting that these boys, who understand English, may come across such comments on the net. Freedom of speech or expression is a double edge sword, I wish it is done so carefully without the expense of hurting the people he loves.

It is still the promotional period and naturally, related questions about Bo Gum or Yoo Jung will be asked. S/he can choose not to answer these questions, but so far with all the casts, no one has said anything overly private or inappropriate. This include the recent reveal that Bo Gum has wheat allergies, or that he wants a girlfriend because he is lonely. In contrary, I think the most inappropriate and violation of privacy had been Answer Me 1988’s BTS clip regarding his deceased mother and him filing for bankruptcy. It’s obvious YOF team would have gotten his permission, but permission or not, I still can’t shake off the feeling that Bo Gum would prefer not sharing this with the world.

The girlfriend question is the most boring and standard Q&A I have read from many other different actors and actresses. The answer is all the same or similar. It’s not private because Bo Gum has been asked that question in Sister Slam Dunk too, and he gave the same standard answer. So meh, don’t take it seriously. For all we know, he could be married and is a father of 7 children where they sing Sound of Music in the church. 😝

As with the wheat allergy, I have seen many people questioning the validity, including myself. However, this was an extract from Dong Yeon’s interview and has been confirmed not to be a mistranslation. Moreover, Bo Gum had allergies after eating pasta for dinner, and he has been eating more wheat based food (bread) in Youth Over Flowers—maybe the high intake triggers the allergic reaction.

Our bodies can change with time. We are not allergic to a particular thing / component does not mean we will never develop allergies to it. When I was younger, I have mild allergies to shell seafood, but now I can eat as much as I want without getting an itch. I also know someone who suddenly develop hives when strawberries were ingested. Many other people I know have food allergies which they never used to have. It’s a speculation, but it’s likely that this is what Bo Gum is experiencing too. His condition doesn’t seem serious or life-threatening, and it may be controlled by taking antihistamine. You can learn more about wheat allergy >> here.


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