Park Bo Gum Reunites with Lee Jun Hyuk for G9 CF


Thank you G9 for releasing a CF featuring Park Bo Gum and his most trusted on-screen eunuch Lee Jun Hyuk from Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. In the CFs, they didn’t reminisce any scenes from the drama, but in the BTS, we can see that they did. The only question now is if those will be shown.

Today is dreadful Moanday, but the CF and BTS cheer me up a tinsy bit. Only a tinsy bit because I had to return to reality where this absolute gorgeous male manager in light blue shirt and white pants does not exist in my office. All we have is a 65 years old wrinkled man and a 34 years old geeky boy. Ohhhh… so sad. FML.

CF – 30s (New)

CF – 30s

CF – 15s

Behind the Scenes

Bo Gum should wear blue forever. FOR-E-VER pleaseeee. To be honest, I was hoping they would renact the dance, bwahahaha. Ohhhh what do we need to do to see that again? Perhaps in the FM? Do you think?!! Aish.

And that smile make my day~!

Source: G9


4 thoughts on “Park Bo Gum Reunites with Lee Jun Hyuk for G9 CF

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  1. Oh, yes. So so so agreee that he has to wear BLUUUUUUUUUEEEE foreveer. Be it his navy blue royal robe, or that light blue shirt that fits oh-so-well to his body…

    And one more: May his bang be up forever. Amen.

    This CF and BTS really do lighten my mood this Monday. though it sank to the realm of the deaths the moment I read that Lee Jung SUk is going act along side Suzy. Daah.. why?

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    1. BAHAHAHAHA… I was gonna write about that until I read the part about Suzy. I might still blog about it so that I could rant. Look forward to see you there, LOLLL

      Amen on the hair…yes.


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