Lee Jong Suk Confirms for New Drama While You Were Sleeping


I think there is one thing I love about Lee Jong Suk, and that is him being a workaholic. I love that he never disappear from the small screen too long. It has not been long since W-Two Worlds wrap, but he has already secured himself a movie, and today the news broke out he will be headlining a new drama While You Were Sleeping (working title) early Spring 2017.

He reunites with screen writer Park Hye Ryun for the 3rd time—the one who wrote I Hear Your Voice—the drama that propelled Jong Suk to fame and Pinocchio.

The drama is about a girl who sees the future of others through her dreams. It isn’t clear what kind of visions she see, but they aren’t good ones. So Jong Suk, who is a prosecutor, tries to stop these bad events from happening. Suzy (Uncontrollably Fond) is reportedly approached to play the unfortunate heroine. This means it will be the second time she works with the writer should she accept. The first drama they have collaborated was through Dream High.

Firstly, ma boy went from playing a student to playing a prosecutor now. Aww, he’s all grown up! And how hot will he look with his hair up and suits on all the time? Very. Please give him a pair of glasses, too. He can’t be a prosecutor without a pair of metal rim glasses.

To be honest, I am beginning to worry viewers might get bored of the Lee-Park combination and/or Jong Suk doing supernatural dramas. Furthermore, Pinocchio was only half the success of I Hear Your Voice, and the character Choi Dal Po was no where near as memorable as Park Soo Ha. I’m don’t have the confident that Mr. Prosecutor can out-beat the Soo Ha in my heart too.

Lastly, why Suzy? Sigh. She has already smooched Kim Woo Bin, now she’s gonna smooch my Jong Suk too? Okay okay, that’s not the point. The disappointment derives from the reason that Suzy isn’t fantabulous in the acting department. I don’t dislike her and think she is pretty, but I didn’t like how whiny and fake her aegyo were in Uncontrollably Fond. There were times when I thought her acting is acceptable, but there were times where I thought she was wooden or over exaggerate. Maybe if she promises never to do those things again, I’ll be okay. I don’t know.

Nevertheless, anything with Jong Suk, I’ll watch. I chowed down Doctor Stranger before, I definitely can digest this.


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  1. I must not have prayed hard enough to see Jung Sukie got a well-deserved talented female lead. After watching Kim Yoo Jung, who could deliver all the emotion just through the eyes, I wish that someone or par with her ..for Jung Sukie.

    Anyway… the title reminded me of something. Previously we have The Girl Who Sees Smell. And now we have Girl Who Sees the Future ??

    Just one desperate plea from me, Suzy-ssi. Stay away from Bogummie. Stay. Away. He bites. He drinks blood. So stay away from him.

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