Park Bo Gum Holds Fan Meetings in Asia from December 2016 – February 2017


Park Bo Gum‘s Asia fan meetings must have been in talks for quite a while whilst Moonlight Drawn by Clouds is still filming and airing. I am surprise with quite a few of the chosen destinations too, as I did not think Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Bangkok would be in the map, and Philippines isn’t part of it, considering he was swamped by fans over there recently.

Ya, Blossom Entertainment’s CEO (daepyo), did you not tell the media you are letting Bo Gum rest for the rest of the year? With so many FMs, that’s hardly any rest at all! He will have to practise and prepare for the FMs, as well as facing thousands of interviews when he arrives at all those countries. Aish, I knew that was too good to be true.

Anyway, what’s done is done. It feels like the milking has officially begun, but at least I know with Bo Gum, he sincerely wants to thank the fans and ensure their money spent are worthwhile by entertaining and interacting with them as long as he can in the FM. I also love that one of his admirable traits is his persistent in not taking fans’ gifts.

Based on media reports, a behind the story of Moonlight Drawn by Clouds will be shown during the FM. Bo Gum has also prepared a special event related to his OST ‘My Person’. Eeeeeeeee… I bet he is so going to say that sentence to some of the fans on the stage. Be prepared to die from heart failure, you lucky fangirls.

When it comes to FMs, there are usually special guests, although the guest will most likely attend only the ones in Seoul. I am curious who will be kind enough to attend. Will Go Kyung Pyo do it again? But since it is the promotion period for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, it will be the cast from the current drama that is more likely to appear as guest. Shippers will wish for Kim Yoo Jung, but judging from who Bo Gum is closer to now, my bet is on Kwak Dong Yeon. In addition, Bo Gum was Song Joong Ki‘s guest in his FM, so will he return the favour? Personally, I’d love to see Bo Gum, Dong Yeon and Jin Young on stage, but I would love it even more if the Ssangmundong 5 reunited. The latter is wishful thinking, I know!

The fan meeting will kick off in Kuala Lumpur first on December 10, then Hong Kong on December 17, no dates have been announced for the rest of the countries such as Taiwan, Tokyo, Bangkok, Jakarta, Singapore. Seoul is the last stop and will be some time in January, 2017. It has also reported that other parts of China is in the talk as well, but because of what happened in August, I’m not sure it is a good idea to step foot into China so soon.

Note: There will not be coverage on how to buy tickets in this blog. It is best to directly contact the participating organiser of your country or contact one of the source links below if you wish to attend.

Fan Meet Dates:

2016.12.10 Kuala Lumpur
2016.12.17 Hong Kong
2017.01.13 Jarkarta
2017.01.22 Taipei
2017.02.04 Tokyo
2017.02.11 Bangkok
2017.02.18 Singapore

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