Hwarang Releases Individual Character Posters


That’s… more like it! The previous group poster from Hwarang spells disaster, LOL. KBS, I know you can do better than this, so can we have a proper group poster again?

I’m still unsure about Park Seo Joon‘s look and that mane of glory to be honest. I thought it would look so much more appealing had he been given the mane of his co-stars Park Hyung Sik or Do Ji Han.

I think I have reached the sageuk quota for this year. I feel bleurgghhhh especially having seen Daebak, Mirror of the Witch, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds and Moon Lover Scarlet Heart: Ryeo… so now I’m not sure I can digest Hwarang well.

Hwarang begins airing on KBS on December 19.

Source: Naver blog


One thought on “Hwarang Releases Individual Character Posters

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  1. While I haven’t reach a sageuk limit considering I didn’t watch Daebak, I dropped Mirror of the Witch and Moon Lovers and I only finished Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. I don’t have a problem with Park Seo Joon’s look in the posters his character is not a Prince/future King or from a Noble family. From reading the character descriptions, his role seems to be some one from the lower class who is a rogue. Park Hyung Sik’s mane in the posters bothered me more.


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