GQ Transforms K2 into Suave & Sexy Ji Chang Wook


Hallelujah. Thank you Calvin Klein for dressing up Ji Chang Wook with colours that suit him, because boy, he tends to get shoved into horrendous clothes in magazine shoots. And thank you GQ for giving us another set of great pictorials. Note: GQ did a cover for him in 2014, and they were just as good as these ones. All right, no more ramblings. Am off to swoon at this eye-candy.

I have always fond of Ji Chang Wook wearing his hair up, especially when it’s style like classic James Dean look. It suits him, and makes him look extra attractive.

Whoever style him up this time, did a splendid job. He is selling the clothes. I love them all. It’s just too bad they are not for me.

Last but not least, will you LOOK at those chocolate abs!!! *Drool* I swear, the Calvin Klein undies made it look even sexier. The picture is perfect for many reasons: Great to use as wallpaper, nice fitted jeans, pretty shoes, sexy abs, and the hair… I love the made-to-look-unkempt hairstyle. It contributed to the sexiness… yep, I’m sure of it.

Source: TopStarNews


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