Lee Jong Suk Stars in Davinchi’s Love Is MV


Lee Jong Suk recently made an appearance in Davinchi‘s MV ‘Love is‘. In the MV, Jong Suk is seen as a man who has lost someone he loved. He returns to this house as he walks on the memory lane, doing the things that he once did with the lost one. Was it a deceased lover? Let’s take a look…

I inserted a surprise at the end for Answer Me 1988 fans…hehehe

For those who misses Jong Suk after W-Two Worlds, this would be a nice antidote since he won’t be returning to us for a while as he is currently busy doing an FM tour and filming VIP. Oh wait, he’s making a cameo appearance in Weight Lifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.  ✌️

I’ll be completely honest. There is only one reason why I wanted to do a post on this MV. It’s the reason below.


Those who wants to see a collaboration between these two, please raise your hand.  😄 I do, especially after Jong Suk publicly made a confession earlier this year that his favourite character from Answer Me 1988 is Choi Taek. Apart from this, I thought it would be great to have them in a scene where they are crying because I notice that 99% of the time the first tear that trickle down Park Bo Gum‘s face is from his left eye, and Jong Suk is from the right eye. I remember reading somewhere Bo Gum practise crying at home, and these two must have trained themselves to cry from one eye. Talk about perfectionist and OCD! But then, iImagine how beautiful the visual would be if we have two beautiful men’s tears trickling down mirror image of one another?

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2 thoughts on “Lee Jong Suk Stars in Davinchi’s Love Is MV

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  1. Did you just…. READ me??
    How.. what on Earth..?

    For a split of second, after I saw that italic line of Reply 1988 thing when the post was about Lee Jung Suk, I was thinking… “Would it be nice if Sukie and Gummy had a acting project together?” and then you just posted a picture of them sitting in front of Go table like that. I died.

    BTW.. Sukie said he liked Taekie? Eonjee?? Eodiee??


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