Drama Review: Moonlight Drawn by Clouds


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4 thoughts on “Drama Review: Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

Add yours

  1. What a wonderful review, Euky. You are sooo much better than me coz you can articulate all the good sides and the not-so-good sides of the drama, OBJECTIVELY. I have never been able to do that, especially if it about my dear bias.

    What I love best about this drama….

    I LOVE that Bogum had totally maximized each moment on screen to showcase his acting talent. I think if I could make cuts of his scenes during the 18 eps, I would probably get a 17-hour-length cuts. He really got a lot of scenes, be it with Raon or at the court. On one hand I was happy coz I got a huge dose of Bogum, but on the other side I felt terrible at the long scripts he had to memorize.
    I LOVE that the so-called Royal Wedding didn’t happen. Such an empty threat.
    I LOVE that we got a happy ending, but we were still ge given freedom to fantasize what happened in the future.
    I LOVE the cinematography, the fashions, the OSTs, the dialogues… so many memorable lines.

    What I don’t like about the drama…

    IDON’TLIKETHATTHEYDECIDEDTOKILLMYBABYYOONSUNGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haaaaaaaaaaated that Lee Yeong didn’t get to see Yoon Sungie’ s last moment. I want YS to get a wonderful sendoff from CP. .. just like when Dong Yeongie was “dead”. hics..hics..hics..
    I don’t like that Ha Yeon didn’t understand the meaning of “No”. I don’t know if that was how her character was written in the novel, but it annoyed me to no end that she kept pushing her way to CP, even when the latter had already told her “I’m just not that into you” many, many times. I would actually sympathize her character way way more if she did any other good deeds other than chasing the Prince whenever she’s on screen. It’s a poor characterization.
    I don’t like that the king was written so weak, so powerless.

    OK. This got to be the longest comment I made in your post. Mianhaeee 🙂

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  2. I am with you there about Yeong not sending Yoon Sung off. With what happened, Ra On and Yeong totally owe it BIG to Yoon Sung; part of their happiness came from Yoon Sung’s sacrifice so how can they not at least let the OTP display some remorse before the kiss? I was mad at Ra On not running for help and let him die, but of course I’m more mad at writer for writing such stupid scene. BTW, if you’re interested, read this: Yoon Sung’s ending in novel.

    The Ha Yeon that doesn’t understand ‘NO’ is the Qing princess personality, not novel Ha Yeon. As for king, he barely appears in the novel, and he gave his blessing to Ra On and Yeong in the end. I think drama exaggerated his uselessness so that it will make Seja looks good, LOLLL.


  3. Hi Euky, Really Love your awesome blog and reviews!
    I really love the manhua illustrations of the MDBC and would like to know where to purchase it.
    Is it only available on the online web novel?
    Does the original korean novel have the colour illustrations?
    Will you do be doing a post on the beautiful illustrations?


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