VPROVE: Beware of Captain Park Bo Gum Derma-analyses Your Skin


A 2 minutes advertisement is considered looong, but I like it! I’m not a big fan of CFs (who does?), and there is no way I have the patience for long winded CFs too, especially when the station annoyingly cuts to CFs when viewers are in the middle of a movie or drama. The alluring part of course has a lot to do with Park Bo Gum being in it. It makes a whole world of difference when the usual annoying ads become less annoying when there are people we like in it.

As a CF on its own, I quite enjoy the story-like layout. Looks like this is just part 1, so we might get a part 2 later. The thing that surprises me more was how serious this CF turned out. From the BTS, I had thought it is going to be a CF with lots of humour—seeing how dorky Bo Gum was when filming. In the end, we got ourselves a very handsome and capable-looking Derma Captain sending out his minion to analyse the skin of a female human.

Well, that’s embarrassing. There is no way I want Bo Gum to microscopically analyse my skin. And the lady in the CF, I know her too, she’s the maid serving IU in Moon Lover, who had a hand in poisoning the Crown Prince.

Although in the actual CF, we mostly see serious Bo Gum, but this… THIS last scene is irresistably adorbs. It’s like love at first sight all over again when I saw it. *Heart flutter* *Giggles hysterically* *Excited* Heee heee heee *Bo Gum’s style laughs*

Eukybear still ❤ Bogummy — VPROVE checked ☑️


One thought on “VPROVE: Beware of Captain Park Bo Gum Derma-analyses Your Skin

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  1. Just when do all his CF air???
    Why.. during Moonlight’s airing.. the only Bogum’s CF that I saw was that G9?
    At first.. I half expected I would be seeing his numoerous CFs minutes before the drama airing time.. but all I got was the repetitive Kim Ji Won’s fun..fun..fun.. Fan..taaaaas..tiiic.


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