Moonlight Drawn by Clouds BTS Making #9

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It’s a wrap! Congratulations to Moonlight Drawn by Clouds team for all the hard work and dedication now that the drama has come to an end. All their hard work paid off, so it is considered a gratifying end for all casts and crews. This will most likely be the last BTS Making films from KBS, unless they decided to be generous again, which I dout it. Time to save up for the DVDs if you are looking for more.

BTS Making #9 for episode 17-18

I haven’t had much to comment about this BTS, except I am both happy and a little sad it has ended. Happy because everyone is looking beat, and I like the idea that they now get a break from the hectic crazy filming times. I’m only a little sad because this means I no longer can see my favourite Three Musketeers on the screen.

As Bo Gum promised to hold a fan sign event if they achieve 20% rating, it was held on October 19, immediately after the drama ends. Geez, they really don’t get a break, do they? I had thought they did not have to hold it immediately after the show ends. Anyway, they did and that went really well, with Park Bo Gum, Kim Yoo Jung, Jin Young and Kwak Dong Yeon dressed in hanbok. I have to say that hanbok Bo Gum wore from the finale episode has become one of my top favourites. SO-BEAUTIFUL. I lub the colour. I think Yoo Jung’s was dressed to match with Bo Gum’s, and she looks just as pretty as Bo Gum. Hee hee hee. I like Jin Young’s hanbok as well, although I thought he could have worn a lighter colour, but I’m not fussed since… he’s alive and came to the event, LOL. Poor Dong Yeon had to wear that gat, which looks very heavy on his head. His hanbok is unfortunately the least interesting since it is all black, but I don’t care what he wears, I just love seeing them all standing together looking pretty for me.

Finale Special

After KBS aired episode 18, a Special was shown. For me, the most interesting part out of the lot is the one from above so I am sticking this video in this post. I like this video particularly I get to see a different side to the casts, mainly Bo Gum focus of course, but also I’m extremely curious as to which scene made my cry baby teared up in episode 1? He’s all sort of cute even when he gets emotional watching TV, hehehe, look at that lips. Initially I thought he was tearing up at the scene where Seja remembering his mother, but then that’s not in episode 1. Hence, my only guess is the part where Ra On wraps her chest scene.

The video then cuts to the casts celebrating Bo Gum’s birthday. That was sweet of them to hold a party for him. God knows why he was so surprised there’s a cake for him, LOL. I think that’s a predictable thing to get when a group of people held a party for anyone. I love that he gets so hype up being entertained by Jin Young. Seriously, this boy may be a good boy, but he would totally enjoy naughty night out at the night clubs or immerse himself in hyper mode singing in the noraebang.

Seja jeoha gives Bo Gum a side-eye… *I see through you, Bo Gum-ah*

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