KSWISS: Let Your Heart Burn for Park Bo Gum


Let Your Heart Burn is the newest CF by KSWISS, which thankfully is a straight forward commercial this time round for uri Park Bo Gum. The CF was filmed when Bo Gum was in the midst of shooting Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, and I remember at the time thinking to myself who and why schedule a CF shoot when the boy was already exhausting all his energies in catching up with live shooting the drama.

But even with a hectic schedule and very little sleep, Bo Gum is professional all the way and the CF turns out really well and he looks charming in it. I just wish I was that girl he runs to meet, hahaha.

Let Your Heart Burn 30s

Let Your Heart Burn 20s

Teaser CF 9s

From the release photos, it’s clear that Bo Gum looks tired, and the poor boy had to run on a thread mill, run back & forth on the zebra crossing and side-road numerous times for the shoot. Whilst writing this, I feel ashamed of myself hating my stressful work, because in comparison, at least I get to go home at set hours, and don’t have to work crazy hectic hours and stay up all night like the actors. Give and take, I guess. They do get more money than I do for these sacrifices… aishhh. But bottom line is, earning money is tough for everyone.

Source: KSWISS Korea Facebook | YouTube


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