Dazed by Lee Jong Suk & Han Hyo Joo


UPDATE 2016.10.24 BTS Video and 4 new photos

Finally. With the sizzling on-screen chemistry between Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo, it sure takes the magazines long enough to give us a photoshoot of the W-Two Worlds couple. Dazed Korea is the first in line, but I sure hope there are more to come! Sell the fantasies and make money from it whilst they can, I say.

I am not encouraging shipping, and I will never; however, they remain one of my favourite on-screen couple of Year 2016. This is all because they sell their romance convincingly, and I just love their off-screen cute interactions. Jong Suk is so affectionate towards Hyo Joo even though he’s the dongsaeng, but he acts like he’s the Oppa whenever I see him brushes her hair and pats her head. Hee hee, so loving and caring. They will be a couple I hope to see reunited for another project in future.

Behind the Scenes

Freedom to feel HOT indeed. The above magazine cover is hot-hot. Dazed is doing a double cover so that fans can get the best of both from the W couple. I’m happy enough with digital copy, hahaha.

… and we have the scans!!!

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