Moonlight Drawn by Clouds BTS Making #8

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Time flies. I hadn’t registered autumn has kicked in in South Korea until I see the casts wrapped up in fleece blankets to keep warm. Well, at least Bo Gum and the rest of the casts no longer need to desperately cool themselves down with those tiny electronic fans, and he can let his hair grow out (not that it hasn’t). To make matter worse for the live shooting, as if the crew needs it, the rain must have caused some hindrance to the filming schedule, too.

BTS Making #8 for Episode 15-16

The BTS starts off showing the OTP in tears filming the break-up scene from episode 15. Awww. Both Kim Yoo Jung and Park Bo Gum are deep into their characters that they are still sniffing and crying after director has yelled, ‘Cut!’ There, there, tissues for both. This scene is my favourite in episode 15, so they did wonderfully and the viewers felt it.

Next we see all heads down on the ground, LOL, searching for the scattered beads from the bracelet. YeongOn supporters need not worry, the worker ants and Seja have personally collected the beads for possibly future use. Although I half-expected that Ra On should be the one who did, assuming she was the last to leave the premise after the break-up. We shall find out next week.

Seconds ago it was all tears, but the scene then change to a happy dancing Yoo Jung in the rain filming the scene where she encounters soldiers on her way back to the hiding place. Filming must have been tough with rain getting in the way day and night. They must have waited for the rain to die down filming Jin Young‘s part because I don’t remember seeing rain in that scene. And heh hehehehe, Yoo Jung impersonating Kwak Dong Yeon and saying his line from episode 2. That was cute, and she mimic his tone so well.

Who cracks up seeing the king wield the sword and hit his own head/hat??? I will raise my hand and admit I did. HAHAHAHA. There are so much hate towards his character this week that I hope this little scene helps us release that pent-up frustration. Or…maybe not. The night that the interrogation scene was filmed must be really cold for some actors to be covered up in fleece blankets and seeking warmth from the burning fire.

And sighhhhh, must the BTS tease us again by ending it at Seja saying, ‘Byung Yeon-ahhh’?


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