Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Episode 15 Preview


Oh love, look at that sadness on Seja’s face. Moonlight Drawn by Clouds episode 15 preview is out; I think I’m going to die from the pain, but it will be with satisfaction. LOL. As much as it’s going to tear my heart up, but it’s worth it to see this from Park Bo Gum.

I really did not want the royal wedding, but it’s gonna happen whether we like it or not, so I’ll accept it. And in return, I suppose I will get the extra mile of angst I find lacking from E14 in E15 instead. At least I am being rewarded with the bonus that I get to see purrrrty Bo Gum in wedding hanbok. I already love the attire.

I don’t think we need to worry of Ra On getting caught, because I don’t see any resemblance in this drawing, LOL.

Ohhhh look at Bo Gum’s eyes going bling-bling due to his watery eyes reflecting light.

Call me crazy, but I am loving my watery eyes Prince.

I know preview might be misleading, but why do I get a sense that Chief Eunuch is suspecting the spy is Byung Yeon. We do have a spy in the novel, but it’s definitely not Byung Yeon, so I’m suspecting this other guy because it’s become fishy he gets a close-up, LOL.

Grangpa Kim and grandson Kim having a face off about Ra On. It boggles my mind how he can link the two drawings together when they look nothing alike.

Funny how I began writing about this drama in the beginning determine to dislike Yoon Sung because he’s fighting for Ra On, thinking he is evil and may cause heart-break for the OTP, but now I love him to bits and worries he might…you know… and I kind of think he will… you know… so here I am, giving him more exposure in my posts now, LOL.

So handsome

Looking forward to see this scene from this angle. I have noticed sometimes what we see from preview is shown in different angles when the show airs, but I turn out to like the expression/face from the angle I saw in the preview because the emotion/expression was better from that take and angle.

Jesus. The hat looks really heavy (and big on tiny head Bo Gum), and Cha Soo Bin’s headpiece is gigantic on her, too!

The last line from Seja is especially heart-breaking. It’s along the line of ‘How did I become the person that gives Ra On the most pain?’ Awwww. He needs a hug.

P.S. We need to be grateful because from the looks of it, the script writers have spared us. Our heartaches could have been trice as painful and broken for the royal wedding. But looks like Ra On is on the run, so we won’t get the scenario played out in the novel i.e. Ra On requested to be the one that suit up Seja for his wedding, and sends him off with a bright smile… yep. I think it could have been worse. LOLLOL.


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  1. Huhu..its true like u said…he end up marrying the girl chosen to be his bride…so even though he end up with Ra On…she will nver be his number 1…she will always be the kings’ concubine…that is soo not fair…


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