Moonlight Drawn by Clouds BTS Making #7

E13-14 BTS.mp40101

Amidst the hectic filming schedules and live shooting, it is comforting to see the casts and crews of Moonlight Drawn by Clouds are still high in spirits despite physically, they are looking more worn down trying to pump out as many scenes as possible to meet airing deadlines.

This week is filled with juicy good news where the drama is concerned. The first good news: Park Bo Gum is announced to ‘debut’ in his first ever OST. The digital OST will be released when the clock strike 12 am on October 11. Fingers and toes crossed that the song is catchy and pleases my picky ears.

Second news: KBS is thinking of rewarding the casts and crews a getaway, much like what cable TV station tvN has been doing. Aww niceee. KBS wanted somewhere close (and I bet they want it cheap too), so popular vacation places like Thailand and Philippines are topping the To-Go list. Someone sends uri Bap Bo Gum some good sunscreens! I recommend ANESSA.

Third news: Right after the finale, KBS has planned to air an extra Special episode. I think I’ll just wait for subtitles the next day. All these years of K-drama watching taught me a lesson—that’s never to trust when they say ‘Specials’, because they don’t have much special things in it. All the best stuff is reserved for DVDs, especially scenes or BTS viewers really want to see, and extra extra specials goodies are in the copies being sold to Japan.

BTS Making #7 for Episode 13 – 14

The prince turns into a servant helping with the boom microphone…

Kim Yoo Jung must have been completely oblivious about the swap that when she turns around she was surprised to see her prince charming turning into a staff.

Kim Yoo Jung: What is this?!

Jin Young doing a little shaky-shaky, warming up for the filming…

Jin Young: Ahhhh appeuda, jeoha.

Next moment he transformed from joking mannerism into Yoon Sung, flashing Seja a side-eye.

Awwww hugs!!! Let’s all do a group hug!

These two, seriously. Just when I thought they were going to drop their pride, hug, kiss and made up, Yoon Sung had to draw the line and distant with the mention of Ra On. Ughhh. Now that I see the show is going by the novel with the royal marriage, I also am starting to fear for the novel ending for Yoon Sung. Any bromance between Seja and Yoon Sung on-screen is considered a very precious moment for me right now, and I want moarrrrr. Sit down and play a game of baduk, will ya???

Cha Soo Bin: Seja is bad…*Cries*

As much as I would love to see the princess and Scholar Jung getting together, but their blossoming relationship in the current stage of the drama feels rather off and random. One moment the atmosphere is dark due to the scheming ministers, another is gloomy and heartbreaking due to Seja and Ra On, then it abruptly cuts to a lighter & happy tone for the princess and Scholar Jung, making it difficult for viewers connect between the changing moods.


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