Moonlight Drawn by Clouds: Episode 13 Preview

Preview 13.mp40081

Episode 13 preview is out, oh my god, skinship overload. Not only Ra On takes the initiative to backhug uri Seja, but she sleeps together with him. OH MY GOD. However, I cannot tell if this whole Baek Won Hoi, Minister Kim and Hong Gyung Nae story is going forward or not from the preview. I hope it does because it’s getting draggy if they don’t, especially the motive of Baek Won Hoi and whether or not they are going to form an alliance with Seja.

👓 for everyone continueing with this post. We need some protection 😎

Preview for Episode 13

Ra On asks Seja if she stay close to him, and not even a step away.

He, of course, agrees and tells her they can be like this forever. Sigh, enjoy whilst you can, Seja-ya.

Minister Kim is determined to find Ra On, which puts Yoon Sung in an unease state.

Jo Ha Yeon tells Seja to marry her and use her family to gain power.

Seja tells her he would not give her his heart, and she tells him it does not matter because the marriage will benefit both of them. OH NO. NO. NO NO NO!!! This is taking the course of the novel, noooooooo. Shit. Don’t agree to this; don’t make such a horrible deal, Seja. Don’t be a jerk, pleaseee!

Meanwhile, Minister Kim informs the king he found Ra On. Eunuch An looks nervous, but we don’t get to find out if the information is correct. Next we know Seja holds a sword to Minister Kim’s throat, to which he challege Seja to behead him. Byung Yeon stops Seja.

Touching his face longingly whilst thinking if Seja would regret meeting her if he finds out she is a daughter of a rebel leader.

The royal marriage is still unresolved…

Ra On gets to wrap Yeong’s waist from the back…

Ra On has Yeong’s arm on her waist and she gets to stare at Yeongie (my Bogummy) upclose and getting all personal, caressing his face…


I don’t feel very well now…


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  1. Since u have read the webtoon or novel….do u mind telling me ..whether the both of them will end up together? I mean the Crown Prince and Ra On….the story is killing me…


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