Gibberish-Blab: Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Episode 12


It has been a while since I blabber on Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, and what better way of a comeback other than spazz about episode 12. Something hit the jackpot for me in this episode—in both emotions and performances, as well as a great mixture of—action, the beautiful yet vulnerability of our main characters; the misunderstanding and a possible broken friendship on the mend.

I have mixed feelings about this scene: As a fangirl, I want to jump into the scene and shove Yoo Jung aside so that I get to be the one that melt in his intense gaze. Hahahahaha. However, as a drama fan, I am very fond of the gaze and Yoo Jung’s counter reactions. Don’t tell me thoughts such as ‘I want to eat you up‘ or ‘I want to taste you‘ never flash across your mind when you see this gaze. That is a gaze with desire, and the atmostphere did get a little bit more than an innocent pink. The show toys with our fragile hearts even more when it made us watch Yeong untie the ribbon holding her hat, and drops the hat with a loud thud which makes Ra On jumps nervously, and our hearts race faster (with anticipation). It’s quite suggestive at this point, or maybe just my dirty mind, but I’m pretty sure fans from a certain group chat were definitely chanting ‘Kiss. Kiss. Kiss.’ LOL.

This scene alone I like two things: Park Bo Gum‘s deep gaze and Kim Yoo Jung‘s nervous jump. #SoMuchFeels#

My heart beats even faster when Yeong swoops Ra On up and princess carry her in slo-mo towards his royal highness’ sofa … OMG OMG! Is he gonna… are they gonna???

… he sits on the sofa, with Ra On on his lap, andddddd they talk. Oh. Er… damn you, show, that is a mood killer; right there. But I still am envious because Yoo Jung gets to do so many intimate things with Bo Gum compared to all his previous female co-stars. Jealous fangirl aside, it was a really sweet scene which ended with Yeong hugging her whilst she’s still on his lap. I did wonder if or when Eunuch Jang might blast into the room á le Yoon Sung’s style, yelling, ‘Jeohaaaaa, where have you been all day?‘ without prior notice. Tsk tsk. These two are getting really bold with their supposedly secret love affair, or I should say careless, since Yoon Sung witnesses their lovey dovey-ness soon after. ANYONE could have caught them, really.

I have to give some love to Jin Young and his potrayal of Kim Yoon Sung. I did not like the Yoon Sung in the novel, but the drama Yoon Sung is lovely and awesome, especially this episode. It is always a pity that side character gets less elaboration on their story, so we haven’t had the priviledge into his mind or feelings about Ra On. We can take a guess of the how or why, but no one can confirm it for us. However in this episode, at least we are clued in to just how much he loves Ra On. The man is willing to kill, for her. Oh dear.

Like an extra icing on a cake, how awesome was that heroic swift move where he protected Seja from the sword? The bromance is still there, and I love how Yoon Sung did not hesitate even once with selfish thought if Seja die, he may have the chance with Ra On. *Hurray* Yoon Sung still loves and cares about Seja, and now Seja have to acknowledge it, too. I love the detail here, where the camera made sure to capture the surprise look on Yeong’s face. One of the things I love about this episode is Yeong thinking he has lost Byung Yeon as his suspicion grows; little did he know he is gaining and not losing any. Yeong-ah, please make up with Yoon Sung already; before it’s too late.

‘Is that you, Byung Yeon?’

Everybody raves about this scene as they felt the heartbreak when Yeong sees the assassin as Byung Yeon and blurts out his suspicion. But I am also fond of the scene after the question (GIF above). It happens really fast, but I love the fact that I see real fear from Bo Gum the moment the assassin raises his sword. He was displaying a mixture of emotions through his eyes and facial expression. The most prominent at that point is fear. It isn’t fear of death, I don’t think, but more of fear of confirming the man behind the mask is indeed Byung Yeon; fear of losing him. There is also vulnerability, hurt, heart-break and plea flashes past. I could almost imagine his internal thought during that split second as, ‘No. Please. Not you, Byung Yeon ah.

Whereas Yoo Jung’s interpretation or reaction could have given us a little bit more than just that. She should not be quick-witted on sliding the sword to Yeong’s feet if the script only wanted her to be helpless and frozen in a fright state. Therefore, I have to express disappointment in this scene when her reaction is just a mere frightening ‘OMG’ or ‘oh no’, and no additional emotions such as fear or worries coming from her. If she held out her hand and screams a NO would have added a little extra to the dramatic effect.

Bo Gum has had many near-death or death experience from previous projects, so to die or faint beautifully on screen is no big obstacle for him to achieve. The result? Perfect!

This may be considered as a bias opinion, but I love how Seja falls unconcious into Ra On’s arms. It was beautiful in the perspective of art direction, and the additional trauma with worry sick Ra On’s tears dropping onto his face.

I obviously would not express dislike to raw meat, and would not pass the chance of posting raw meat either, bwahaha. Gotta enjoy whenever we can. This boy has been stingy since Youth Over Flowers in Africa. I fully expected to see a covered up Seja trying to recover from the attack and in agony. Little did I know I would get a topless Bo Gum showing his back and arm, and even though we see little skin, the effect is surprisngly sexy.

For the past episodes, Ra On had been getting on my nerves for runing away. She is so passive and always frightened; she is meek and she isn’t as witty or cheerful as the novel Ra On. Supposedly, Ra On’s most lovable and best trait is that she is like a sun with positive energy that energises everyone. I could not see it from the drama Ra On, even though Seja had been constantly telling me she is his vitamin.

I don’t think the writers has done justice to Ra On as a character. She most definitely has not been written into the type of heroine I adore in stories. If she has to be pathetic, I wish she would be pathetic yet brave like Oh Hae Young, or proactive like Oh Yeon Joo in W. Never mind that they are not from the same era; this is fictional and a fusion sageuk, the heroines don’t always have to walk the same path as its predecessors, or be confined into the damsel in distress / Candy framework. I say this because I feel annoyed for Yoo Jung—she clearly deserves a meatier script than what we have seen so far.

So I am glad for a change in this scene she is the one coming forward, confessing her deepest feelings, and with a pleading tone, asking Yeong to not to let go of her and promises she won’t too. I love the meaningful takes of Yeong grabbing her hand and held it to her chest, and he backhugs her. Bo Gum also makes sure he delivers his line with fragility in his tone, showing he is still weak from the injury, but assuring and authoritive (as a prince). The multi-angles take of this one scene is so beautiful with their sweet backhug, yet with sadness as an undertone. And she kept her promise and returns to Seja at the end of the episode. #DamnFeels#

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        1. I have HD of him in YOF. No big scar. My boy is beautiful even with scars on chest, kekeke. Maybe he tattooed his current girlfriend’s name on his chest, LOL. That might be the secret Ra Mi Ran noona is concealing. And no, the girlfriend’s name is not Hyeri or Irene, or Kim Yoo Jung. xD


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