Moonlight Drawn by Clouds BTS Making #6 + Food Truck by Yeo Jin Goo

네이버 tvcast 11-12.mp40356

The Moonlight Drawn by Clouds BTS making for episode 11 – 12 came out quick this week. We get quick glimpses of the action scenes, Ra On and Seja lovey dovey / rapping scenes, Princess and Mr. Jung funny slapping scenes, as well as Seja and Eunuch Jang lovey dovey side-hugging scenes.


I never like how media reports actors doing their own stunts when clearly they are not, so I am glad to see that KBS has no intention in concealing the fact that both Bo Gum and Jin Young each have a stuntman in the action scenes in this drama. As seen clearly in this shot, we see two men in purple hanbok—one being Bo Gum and his stuntman, and we also see on the right side at the back is Jin Young’s whilst he filmed his fighting scenes where face need to be seen.

I was at first excited to see them showing filming of action scenes, but boy, we don’t get to see much of our boys in action at all with this stingy, exactly 1 minute BTS.

Waiting for artificial rain to happen must be bored for our couple that they began what seems like rapping and started shooting the first ever Joseon music video. LOLLLL

Back to being bored…?

I just had to insert these 3 images in sequencially because Bo Gum looks so goofy ~

Finally the shooting is over, good work—high 5 for the two. I manage to catch Bo Gum saying thank you at the end. He really is a ‘Kamsa boy’ which I (we) will never be able to become, because one will have to start the teaching/learning from a very young age. I guess Bo Gum’s fans can apply this to their children, hehehe.

2016.09.29 Food Truck sent by Yeo Jin Goo

Sweet friend, Yeo Jin Goo, sent food/coffee truck to both Yoo Jung and Bo Gum yesterday, which led to the below hilarious pictures from the actors.

As the boy who 98% of the time exist in other people’s SNS, boy am I glad to see him update this thanking Jin Goo. Do we have to send him more food truck to get an update? Sigh.

The food/coffee truck owner also commented everytime he meets Bo Gum he understands why everyone praise him. Bo Gum readily gives out photography and is also considerate of others. He will ask if there are any food that the staff haven’t eaten/tried, too. He always smile happily (er…that’s because you’re giving him food!) and keeps saying thank you.

What I found most entertainingly humourous is that both actors Park Chul Min and Park Joong Hyun declare on their IG how much they get along with Seja, how much they love him, unlike in the drama. Park Chul Min even asked viewers not to dislike him. LOLLLL, are they scared a head-hunt started by fangirls might happen if they harm Seja? Nonetheless, it’s a happy thing for me seeing this boy receiving soooo much hugs & kisses from his co-stars.

Sigh. Now the queue is even longer… 😔

Source: Naver TV Cast | Bogummy Twitter | IG (1) (2) (3) (4)


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