W-Two Worlds Fashion: Kang Chul


Amidst the mind-boggling storylines of W—Two Worlds that rendered me incapable of blogging anything sensible or logical, I want to at least be able to blog about Kang Daepyo, Kang Chul’s fashion wardrobe. Model/Actor Lee Jong Suk literally did a fashion parade in the show, and thank god someone has already did all the hard work (whilst I was busy compiling Moonlight Drawn by Clouds fashion posts).

All Fashion images compiled by: jsddot5959

One of my favourites had to be the denim top and jeans with the boots. Man, Jong Suk was oozing with sexiness, not to mention accompanying by a red Lotus sports car. SO HOT! However, to be fair, even though he may be super hot and look gorgeous in these clothes, there are some hit and big misses too.

For example, what the heck is that checker suit?!

… and that blue and green strips on the black suit.

Still a big NO to the checker suit. Let’s recycle it and use it as a portable soft chess board instead.

One of my other personal favourites had to be the white shirt and jeans where Chul asks Yeon Joo for a date in the real world. It’s just a white shirt and a pair of jeans, but why oh why he looks so sexy and hot in it? The broad shoulder, long legs and small butt are the secrets, I think…

NO to that horrible shirt with red lips! Ewww. Sorry, too gay.

Surprisingly, none of the suits Jong Suk wore in W earned my love. The one from the finale looks fairly good and fitting on him, but I kind of wish it wasn’t in grey. Something is off, but I cannot pinpoint it.

So the winner goes to… all the shirts (preferably with jeans) except the red lips. No matter it is plain white, black, stripe, light blue, green or navy blue — they look extremely good on Jong Suk long body and broad shoulder.

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2 thoughts on “W-Two Worlds Fashion: Kang Chul

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  1. I was more disturbed by the bangs. Up, LOVE. Down, eww.

    I agree he looked so much fine in just plain shirts and jeans.
    That traffic-light jacket though… I dunno what came into the tailor’s head.


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