Moonlight Drawn by Clouds: NG Scenes #1

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I love these NG scenes to bits, all of them are so cute when they screw up, but it leaves me with a bittersweet after-taste because I am also extremely green with jealousy of Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung‘s closeness. I love them both, but man, I have mixed feelings when they get overly comfortable and close, too. Argh. Grrrr. Ugh the dilemma. 

NG Scenes

Hmm the effect of gif doesn’t come out as good without sound. Nonetheless, look at the boy’s sheepish look is enough to entertain. Heh.

What more the next scene we have is seeing him acting all cool only to be slapped by the flag, bwahahahahahaha!

This one is hilarious too. As we all know, Seja is the one that is to whack Byung Yeon’s hand to keep him from touching Ra On, but here Yoo Jung instinctively smack his hand away because he isn’t supposed to touch her, LOLLLL.

Facepalm. All that image of a prince ruined because of this NG. Hahaha.

Byung Yeon’s OS: I am supposed to put my back against the pillar. Hmm…why haven’t my back reached the pillar? I have to. Oh. Huh? OHHH… I’m too far away from it.


Anyone understands why Jung Hye Sung is pointing at the other bowl? Was Bo Gum supposed to feed her soup next?

Omo. Omonaaaa. What’s this? WHAT IS THIS I AM SEEING??? A prank? I don’t believe it!

Seriously, I probably won’t be too surprised (but will be heartbroken) if after the drama ends, Dispatch catches my boy dating Yoo Jung. LOL. No matter how I see it—left, right, centre and back—it just seems like he’s crushing on Yoo Jung; and I am saying this not because I am shipping them. Stop it you two…

Lastly, I just had to cut out Bo Gum’s laughters. My personal favourite had to be the one where he broke the bow. That ‘hehehehe’ was just adorkable and adorable. Most importantly, when he apologised—he was back to himself, Park Bo Gum, not as Seja’s voice.


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  1. Noooooooo!!! Not you tooo, Eukyyyyy!!!! Everyone else is saying that these two are enjoying skinships even when the camera stops rolling. Evryone else is saying there must be real feelings playing out coz these two are just way too comfortable around each other. But not youuuu! Pleeease!! I need a friend who stays sane.. who doesn’t go delulu like the other. Please Eukyyy..TT_TT

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