Moonlight Drawn by Clouds BTS Making #4

네이버 tvcast.mp40054

Kwak Dong Yeon gets to be on the post’s feature image for obvious reason, kekeke.  Lots of laughters in this week’s BTS making of Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, and even more in the NG scenes.

BTS Making #4: Episode 7-8

Bo Gum: Because I didn’t do (kiss) well…
Caption: What? Kkk

Eh eh Bo Gum-ah, are you purposely pulling an NG? If you did not kiss well, then what would you call this and this?

Aw, after another kiss he wipes his drool (?) off her face. Being a gentleman, or looking for opportunity for more skinship?

Aigoo, Kim hyung, what a sight to behold. So cute he tries to cover his… nipples. HAHAHA!

One more treat for all Kim hyung lovers. All that blushing and covering up ½ a minute ago for nothing since he now shows us full view of his abs and mammary glands.

Staff applying CPR on Jang nae gwan.

Hmm…who is our cheeky boy winking to?

Seja courting entertaining Ra On with dancing.

Pretending Yoo Jung has stinky armpits, hahaha. Bo Gum is so cheeky and naughty with Yoo Jung.


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