Moonlight Drawn by Clouds BTS Making #3 and E7 Preview


Hahaha, the latest BTS stills released today are hilarious and fun to look at. It is such a happy production team and casts, too. Love the idea that these pictures brought us joy, and most importantly, they will one day be the actors’ best treasure and the same for us all once the show wraps up.

Episode 7 Preview

The preview is making me dread the newest development. ㅠ_ㅠ The one thing I disliked most that always come with sageuk is the heroine can never escape the abuse or cruel punishment inflicted on them. I am dreading the day when the queen finds out Ra On has been lying about her sex, or any opportunity the queen can come up with by throwing her into the jail and torture her. What’s the chances of not seeing this in a sageuk?

I want the OTP to get closer to one another, but I dread the appearance of Jo Ha Yeon. One Kim Yoon Sung is bad enough, and we add another is just… sigh, complicated, although it is about time Ra On confront her own feelings.

BTS Making #3

This is a cute BTS. Lots of laughter and we even get NG scenes from all the casts. However, the most hilarious had to be the gay ‘Hya’ from Bo Gum, LOLLLLL.

OMG, I was just swooning about that the day before, and he has to come in and ruin it. Okay, it didn’t ruin it, but it’s not going to be the same anymore when I watch the proper ‘Ha’, since I will be thinking of this playful but gayish ‘Hya’.

The two Oppas take great care of Yoo Jung too, each taking turns to remove something from her head.


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