VEDI VERO 2016 F/W Collection with Lee Jong Suk


Back in the hot spot with his latest mind-boggling, mind blowing, mind-imploding and brain cells killing fantasy drama, W-Two Worlds, Lee Jong Suk is Vedi Vero Sunglasses’ newest spokeperson / model. Let’s take a break with uri Kang Chul Lee Jong Suk instead as he takes us through some luscious pictorial shoot in Vedi Vero’s sunglasses.


The sunglasses Kang Chul wore in W are sponsored by Vedi Vero, even the ones he wore for AREANA magazine photoshoot too. If you are a sunglasses nerd or into fashion, or likes to buy what the stars wear, then you might already know this (but I don’t)—the sunglasses Park Bo Gum and Lee Jun Hyuk wore are also sponsored by Vedi Vero.

If you want to get the same glasses as your biases, you may find it here: Link

Source: IG | FB | YouTube | Website


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