Gibberish Blab: Moonlight Drawn by Clouds E3-4


Quality. Everything about this drama shows superior quality. Apart from the first-rate acting of the stellar casts, this drama is showcasing exceptional quality in terms of direction, cinematography, background music, fashion and screenplay. Judging from the current episodes, the screenwriters have shown wits when adapting the scenarios from the novel into the drama. Keeping the backbone intact, the writers carefully adopt bits and pieces from the book, and transform them into their own. This means to say rather than replicating the exact storylines into live action, the writers create a brand new story and characters for the drama. They have also inserted humour into it which the novel lacks, and made the viewing thoroughly more fun and enjoyable. So here is the question: Is it possible to reward Moonlight Drawn by Clouds an Oscar?

In view of the fact that the show is not pre-produced, it is highly susceptible to deterioration when production hits live shooting—a common practice in South Korea—one can only hope KBS gives the production enough manpower to retain its quality, because heck, if the higher-ups want high rating, they have got to invest.


Episode 3 starts off having us anticipating Ra On finding out Seja’s identity, but the screenwriters deliberately delay the revelation to the end. What a teaser, but I love this meaningful version so much more than the original. The heart-palpitating moment begins to build up when Seja decided to reveal himself*. The moment, continues with those intense, but careful gazes (a gaze that would put a hole through Ra On) as they walk away from the bookshelves, and finally, he introduces himself. I love the process; and the significance of how it is revealed.

The introduction comes with double meaning—which very much feels like he is trying to tell her/us he is the Crown Prince (which his robe clearly confirms this), but don’t ignore that he is also a normal human being, to Ra On’s case, he is just Lee Young; that very cheeky and haraguroi friend of hers. OH MY EFFING GOD. LOVE!

*Observe the change in Bo Gum’s eyes when he finalised his decision—because you could tell between when he was thinking about it, and then when he decides on it—it was awesome. Video: (1)

Episode 3 also has a good balance of fun and tear-jerking moments, which I wish I could stick all that memorable scenes in this post. However, other than the heart-palpitating ending scene, my one other favourite moment had to be when Seja accepts the King’s command as a regent ruler. The change in his eyes and expressions from petrified to confidence are especially note-worthy. It is a powerful scene to behold when Bo Gum delivers the lines, saying he happily accepts the appointment. The determination in his eyes, and him outsmarting and manipulating the ministers had me clapping my hands and cheering. Video: (1)

Episode 4 transports us back to the court with Seja, and unveils that even though he accepts the appointment, the ministers will not recognise him if China disapproves. Rightttt, I forgot about China. Ugh, we should have known it would not be this easy. It must be a super duper hot day during filming; anyone notice Bo Gum is sweating like a pig onscreen? His sweat actually reflects light, LOL. It’s unfortunate that fans and portable air-cons cannot be installed since that would affect the sound recording quality.

The reason why I want to abort this post is because of episode 4. Inasmuch as I could feel what this episode is giving me, it is extremely challenging to put thoughts into descriptive words, and may not even worth the time blogging about. In other words, my brain is f* up like W-Two Worlds; I cannot compute properly. For example: I love how the rain brings out the nostalgic memory of Seja and his mother; I also love the beautiful visuals of him reminiscing the past, and being completely unaware of Ra On’s presence. It seems to symbolise something, but then I cannot figure out what exactly it is trying to signify. I suck when it comes to symbolism. Video: (1)

Another example is the dance—although it ends up to be a shenanigan—it did not hide the fact that Seja choreographed it as a remembrance of his mother, or inspired by her. The dance scene hinted that Ra On is the only one who fully captures the essence and message behind the dance, which is why her dance ‘interpretation‘ reaches out to Seja and touches his heart. This is substantiated by Ra On telling Seja that she is incapable of memorising characters, but she excels in dances and songs, and this is consistent to her character setup because she is brought up by her foster father who does street performances for a living.


Unfortunately, I cannot decipher what the change in scene truly signifies. Other than it being beautiful yet bittersweet; bewitching yet potent, Ra On and Seja’s sorrowful-filled teary eyes, and the-so-near-but-yet-so-far presentation bugs the hell out of me. Did Show merely want to show us how much Seja misses his mother, or Show want us to know Ra On is healing his wounded, lonely soul and filling his emptiness with more ‘chicken drumstick’? Food for thought for everyone whilst I collapse with brain fatigue. Video: (1)

P.S. Don’t tell me it is foreshadowing a sad ending just because Seja died young in true history. This is fictional, there is no need to go down that path if KBS wants to earn more money from DVDs. Kekeke.

How gorgeous was this scene? But wait, is that it, Show? That cannot be right. What about the part where Seja carries sleeping Ra On to bed? Ra On can’t possibly climb into his bed on her own! Surely Seja’s heart goes dugeun-dugeun with the close proximity when he carries her. Is this piece of evidence, an important one, being withheld from the audiences for story-telling later? If that’s the case, please do not forget to spit it out next week. Note: Still burn by Na PD for not showing the kiss scene between Jun Yeol and Bo Gum in YOF. Video: (1)

Image source: Odetoyouth0616 | Insectx1225 |Shine | Sidus HQ


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