Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Episode 5 Preview

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Looking back on August, it has been a trying month for Park Bo Gum for many reasons. Initially, I didn’t care about the ratings, but when the ridiculous incident broke out, and as time drew near, I find myself praying hard that Moonlight Drawn by Clouds would come forth as gold. Therefore, I could not be any happier when this week’s rating took a huge leap, and double in numbers. Of course, this jaw-dropping numbers could not be achieved if it were not for the whole production team (casts and crews). It still feels surreal, and as if I have witnessed a miracle. But most importantly, this could not be a better encouragement for what Bo Gum had gone through, and for this, I sincerely hope some weight has now been taken off his shoulder (and chest) from this week onward.

Episode 5 Preview

Seja asks Ra On what she is doing, and Ra On sheepishly hides the hair accessory underneath piles of books. Er… I think uri smart Seja has saw it.

Disgusting Minister Park asks Ambassador Mok if there is any woman he is fond of. He says he finds the lady who did the solo dance cute. OH NO!!!

So did Eunuch Ma hears it?? I cannot tell. He narrows his eyes at Ra On and says out loud, “… more beautiful than a gisaeng”. Uh Oh. So do you guys think he knows Ra On is a girl, or he thinks Ra On is a eunuch that pretends as a girl that night?

Yoon Sung asks Young what is his reason for agreeing to be a regent ruler. Young bluntly tells him he wants to remove the power of the Andong clan in Joseon.

Yoon Sung is shocked to hear it, and we can see it in his eyes. Awww, can’t you two just make up and be BFF again, like it used to be?

Dugu seyo? In a voiceover (I can’t tell), this dude tells Byung Yeon not to forget that he is not Seja’s friend. WHAAAT? Did I hear him right?

Omoya. What’s this???

Byung Yeon sees Seja staring at Ra On in sleep. He has blood on his face, and he is visibly injured, BAD. Seja, get out of there right now and treat your chingu!!

These two are having a competition on ‘Whose eyes are the biggest and most beautiful’…

Just kidding. Seja is obviously suspicious of Ra On, and trying to reason with himself. However, it is true that people says the eyes are the window to the soul, and uri Seja recognises those eyes. The voiceover sounds like Seja is scolding himself for thinking silly things.

Hurray. Ra On and Seja go out of the palace, and they make a wish together with the lantern. As per the text preview, Yoon Sung interrupts them later.

Seja buys all the lanterns for everyone who doesn’t have money, and signals the little girl to give one to Jo Ha Yeon (future Crown Princess) because she lost her purse.

Ha Yeon looks smitten. Ah crap. Looks like it’s all Seja’s own fault. He unintentionally overuses the remaining honey, and attracted an ant. *Face-palm*

Kim Hun is up to no good again, and plotting to create some havoc.

Oooh ooohhhh! The water scene is coming up. How exciting! Ra On falls into the river (pond?), and looks like our hero is going to save his girl. In the novel, Ra On and the princess did fall into the river but they were not drowning, so I cannot be sure if the drama will follow the book closely.

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds airs every Monday – Tuesday at 10 pm KST on KBS2.


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  1. First, you might not know this but I tell you now that I have been checking on YOUR blog THIS blog almost every hour (minus when I had to sleep and poopand work) since episode 4 ended because I so wanted to know your thoughts about ep 3 and 4 and the rating wins but there were no new posts so I sadly wandered around looking while hoping you would post just a minute later so end my pain and write something.

    Second, Did I see right? I mean.. is that SEJA sharing bed staring at Ra On sleeping next to him? Already??

    The drowning scene… will it lead to Ra On pass out and Seja have to undress her to give a CPR, which leads to him discover that she’s a girl? Hhaha… this was what happened in Sungkyunkwan Scandal.. so I was sondering if it will happen here. But I think it will be tooooo soon for him to discver she’s a girl now.

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  2. Talking about the rating jumps, honestly, it feels like the Reply 1988’s husband hunting all over again for me. The days when JH-Sun shippers were so very sure that JH was the hubby and we Taek-Sun shippers kinda accepted that the husband would be JH and that Taeki’s winning chance was jst 1%. The days when we just wanted Taeki to end with happiness and not lonely. But then what happened was the oposite and it was a totally a joyous occasion when we truly became the winner.

    This is just the same with this rating battle. Since I-viewers were so very sure of SH’s absolute rating winning, and we just hoped for a decend numbers for the sake of Bo Gum, it came as a total surprise and a totally unexpected joy when it was the other way around.

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