Get Some Fashion Ideas from Park Bo Gum in TNGT FW Collection 2016


Don’t look at me with that intense gaze, Park Bo Gum, we are still separated for the day because you did this. Hmph.

… but back to business, TNGT Fall/Winter collection catalogue has recently gone viral in the cyberworld with fans sharing scanned images of their model, Park Bo Gum looking suave and sophisticated in various well fitted business suit, or casual autumn/winter attires. The wait is now over as TNGT releases clear images of their latest fashion. Which is your favourite?


Smart casual tends to be the best option in fashion when we don’t want to over-dress or under-dress for any occasions. It is also easy to mix and match, and definitely perfect for workplace all day, everyday, 5 days a week. ^ ^


But occasionally, we still need to stick ourselves in a proper, presentable suit if the higher-up visits, or when meeting important clients, and these suits look perfect for these occasions.

Oooopppff. Park Bo Gum in tights. Now why don’t you turn around*, maybe I’ll forgive you before the clock hits 12 tonight.

*Those who saw Answer Me 1988 will know what I’m talking about  😀

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