Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Episode 3 & 4 Preview + BTS Making #1

Preview E3.mp40025-1

This newly released preview of Moonlight Drawn by Clouds showed a teeny weeny bit more than what we had at the end of episode 2, so I decided to post it. Watch uri Seja blames his most trusted friend / bodyguard for being too cool during training, LOL!

Episode 3 Preview

Kim Byung Yeon casually walks towards me, I mean the screen, as the arrows are fired towards his direction. All the arrows miss him…

The palace ladies swoon, giggle and go weak at their knees at how handsome and cool he is. LOLOLOL, the above picture is very apt in representing us at the sight of Crown Prince (Park Bo Gum) Hyomyeong for the past 2 episodes, and we will continue to be like this for the rest of the future episodes. HAHAHA.

Seja gets annoyed, and pretends to clear his throat, but no one takes notice of his annoyance. I am sure we all know what happens next… kekeke.

Seja fires his complaint that Byung Yeon planned this training to show off. HAHAHA!

Seja nags, nags and nags…

Apparently the palace ladies have a nickname for Byung Yeon, but I don’t know how to transcribe that into English. The nickname rhymes with his name, and it means something like he’s showing off his cool/handsome-self.

Seja’s jealousy makes Byung Yeon chuckles. Hehehe. Aigoo, what do we do with this childish and jealous Seja. I think this jealousy is only going to get worse when (if) Ra On warms up to Byung Yeon, and follows him a lot more. Actually, I am not sure if this will happen in the drama, and really, based on Yeongie’s personality in the drama, he will get jealous of anyone after he falls for Ra On, be it as eunuch or a girl.

Ra On becomes a postman for Consort Park and the King, but she gets intercepted and abused by the Queen in the process. The Queen slaps her and tells her to shut her mouth and obey the order of the senior eunuch.

Kim Yoon Sung witnesses the incident (but did nothing to stop it), and gives Ra On comfort. Ra On tells/asks Yoon Sung if he knows what she is most grateful of him.

Yoon Sung responds, “Knowing that you are a woman, but feign ignorance for your sake, and watches you being scared…”

Ra On: “What do you mean by a woman?”

The minister tells the King he is unfit to be a king. Hmm. Is he Ra On’s father?

The King informs Yeongie that he wants Yeongie to be the regent of the nation; Yeong refuses. However, the King ignores him (obviously) and announces to the court that he is appointing Yeong to rule on his stead.

Poor Seja looks petrified, but please let this be an act since the King has already told him beforehand; therefore, there is no reason for Yeong to react this way, unless he is doing it on purpose. Not so sure which part will come first, but we have Ra On being caught by the princess, her breaking the code behind the letter by the King to Consort Park, Yeong comforting Consort Park and confronting his father, which led me to think this preview encompasses storyline for 2 episodes.

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