tvN Drops An Extremely Short The K2 Teaser


UPDATED: 2016.09.04 Individual Character Teasers

Oh~la~la~ isn’t that a very handsome bodyguard? We now have split second visual of tvN’s upcoming drama, The K2 and its leads, Ji Chang Wook and Yoona. I’m liking what I see just from this shot. Technically, I can’t resist a handsome man on screen, plus Ji Chang Wook is a pretty good actor too, just that he hasn’t earned the place he rightfully deserves in South Korea yet.

Teaser #2

Teaser 1: Link

Teaser #3

The K2 is screen-write by Jang Hyuk Rin, who wrote the undeserved and overrated drama, Yong Pal and Reset. I haven’t seen Reset, but based on Yong Pal, I have an enormous amount of worries for K2, sigh. However, I will put my trust in tvN and Ji Chang Wook. If I don’t get a solid story, at least I have handsome Wook-Wook to ogle at.

Ji Chang Wook plays Kim Je Ha, an elite mercenary working for the JSS guards. During a presidential election, Je Ha gets scouted to be a personal bodyguard of Choi Yoo Jin, portrayed by Song Yoon Ah.

Choi Yoo Jin is JB Groups’ eldest daughter, and the wife of a presidential candidate, Jang Se Joon. Her approachable and elegance are well-received by the people, but in truth, she is merciless and would do anything to achieve her goal.

Yoona is Go An Na, an illegitimate daughter of Jang Se Joon played by Jo Sung Ha. Due to her mother being a former famous star, An Na is traumatised whilst overly exposed by public interest when growing up. She fears people and panics when exposed to flash lights (Female version of Je Soo Ho of Lucky Romance, LOL). She returns to to Korea from overseas due to a photograph. She meets Je Ha, and slowly, she opens up to him and receive healing for her childhood trauma. In exchange, Je Ha learns of new emotions/feelings he never knew of.

The K2 will follow after The Good Wife, and is scheduled to air on September 23.

Script-Reading BTS

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4 thoughts on “tvN Drops An Extremely Short The K2 Teaser

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    Drama Gods are spoiling me these days. I’ve got Bo Gum on Mon-Tue, Jung Sukie on Wed-Thur, and Chang Wookie on the weekends? Did I save my country in my previous life?????

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, Its about time my oppa came back to kdrama. I have missed him so. Yongpal’s writer better redeem himself with this drama. I want my wookie Going to The military with a good resume 😡.
    Fighting Wookie-ya 😙😙😙


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