2 Days 1 Night: Park Bo Gum Highlights Part 1

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Congratulations to 2 Days 1 Night for reaching the highest rating of 19.9% for the year 2016, as well as being in first place against other variety shows airing at the same time. I, personally, would like to think that it is all because of Park Bo Gum, but I shall be humble. This episode we will see eight men split into two teams, earning points (mileage) as they go around visit and doing some activities. Hence, here goes my thoughts about the trip with maknae Park Bo Gum in 2 Days 1 Night begins!

In previous episode we know that Cha Tae Hyun called up Park Bo Gum, but he never said he could come. However, later on the news reported that apparently after the call, Cha Tae Hyun went to cameo in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (as seen in episode 1) and invited Bo Gum again. To be honest, I don’t believe this news. I think they have already planned this, LOL. But anyway, what is important thing is: Bo Gum went, and we have more Bogummy to see. Yay!

I would not have watched this show if it weren’t for Bo Gum; hence, I was pretty bored from beginning to the end whenever Bo Gum is off-screen. I like Yoon Shi Yoon, but it was clear that I don’t love him enough, bahahaha.

How sweet was he to gift mosquito sprays for all the hyungs? But then, that heart-shapes carry bag. Did he re-use a bag fan gave to him or…? Don’t mean to pick, but it’s just that all the males around me would rather die than go near that reddish pink heart-shapes bag, and I get the vibe that the hyungs are thinking along the lines of ‘too girly’ too.

The dancing segment comes off really awkward and silly for all of them, and embarrassing to watch. At first I had thought he was made dancing Boombastic again, so I was looking forward to it. He’s cute doing just about anything, but it feels weird, and since this segment is so out-of-nowhere, I understand why his participiation is low too.

I never thought I would say this about any actors, but this boy needs to be fed. He looks like a chopstick in that big white tee shirt.

Then the next challenge came along, and that’s where we, as well as the boys understand why they were made to dance out-of-the-blue. PD wants them to sweat so that the coins can stick on their bodies! The have to transport as much coins from another team as possible, and whatever they get will become their travel money for this trip. Errr, is that mean uri Bo Gum is going topless??? Omo!! Yes, please!!! My eyes literally lit up with anticipation when I hear Cha Tae Hyun tells him to take it off!

… but sadly, he refused. Whyyyyyy? Waeeee? Nandeeeee? Nazedaaaaaa? He took it off so casually in Youth Over Flowers before, so why not anymore? Is it because he later on found out we would go over the top giffing him topless and become all pervy? Awwww, mannnn.

Now I kind of wish Cha Tae Hyun would exert authority as his boss, and order him to strip, LMAO. Tsk. I am so annoyed and disappointed. LOL In the end, all we see is bare triangular back. *sulk* Looks good though.

Although we didn’t get to see him topless, but at least we saw some skin, and most importantly, this:







Just when we all thought Bo Gum is doing everything he can not to ruin his image, and in the next moment, we see this. Thank you coins, for making up to us. So funny. So cute. And because of that, we got this hilariously ADORABLE fan art by o_ducky:

Next up, we have a drinking game where the final amount they gulp down will turn into free petrol for the car. They were given a choice of four beverages to choose from, Bo Gum’s team chose Pocari, and the other team chose herbal tea. PD was going to give them alcohol, but because they know Bo Gum can’t drink, so they change it. Oh thank god. I don’t want my boy turning into an alcohol lover after this.

Bo Gum is honestly either trying not to ruin his image, or he really has good table manner. Compare how he drinks to the other hyungs, they are like beasts!!! Bo Gum makes ‘drinking’ look so sexy too. Inspired by Jin Young’s lines from Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, ‘How can a man look so beautiful (from drinking Pocari)? Isn’t it against the law?’ It’s not logical!

After the drinking game and group selfies, the teams take off for their individual trips. In the car, Bo Gum gets hounded by his hyungs concerning his love life, LOL, people never get tired asking these sort of questions. We will never get an answer from Bo Gum because he’s already said he won’t go public as a mean to protect his love. That said, I love his attempt of aegyo-ing out of the situation, although that obviously did not stop the hyung from digging more. To be honest, I would join them and dig too, and I would turn off the camera just so I get my answer(s), bahahahahahaha.

They arrive at the Big Swing, and immediately Jong Min locks himself in the car. But that attempt did not last very long after Bo Gum unleashes his charm. Although I believe Jong Min is scared shit of heights, but it all seems like an act that he refuses to get out of the car, and I am sure there is a lot to do with him realising he will suffocate and die in the heat if he doesn’t come out.

But then I do believe he is somewhat affected by this little adorable maknae, Bo Gum, who so gently and softly coaxing him and encouraging him to ‘make a memory’ together. I think this has a lot to do with if one (really) like someone, one would do something or anything for this person, and that is the message I get from Jong Min towards Bo Gum. I also think deep down inside, even though he is super scared, Jong Min wants to take part in this group activity; but he needed a bit of courage and persuading.

… and up they go!

Sigh, watching them have so much fun, I wanna play too. But I need a boost of courage and Bo Gum’s company too if I am to attempt this. Next week the teams go on a food hunt, Cha Tae Hyun and Park Bo Gum go on para-gliding. Ugh, another activity I’d love to try yet have no gall to do it alone…

2 Days 1 Night with Park Bo Gum continues this Sunday at 4:50 pm KST on KBS2.

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One thought on “2 Days 1 Night: Park Bo Gum Highlights Part 1

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  1. LOl… this post came up RIGHT after I finished watching the FREAKIN episode!

    Oh maaaan….. what should I do to get THE COIN?? THE HISTORICAL COIN that was so FORTUNATE because it had a chance to travel down Bo Gummie’s undie??? Did a female staff already take it and make it a memorabilia?? hahahha.. ACCIO COIN!!!!

    Bo Gum’s adam apple’s up and down movement sent my mind to the gutter. I totally thought of something else when I saw it. hehehheheh….
    And yeaaah… so very very disappointed when Bo Gum refused to go shirtless. Hics.. you could have gotten more coins, boy! And you could have bought more food with the money! ..

    The hyungs looked so totally and completely smitten by him, don’t you think? They were treating him so very special, and get easily amused/entertained with everything he did. By the end of the show, I guess Bo Gummie succeeded in adding up another handful of fan-ahjussies.


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