First Impression: Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Episode 1-2


Moonlight Drawn by Clouds kicks off with a good and fun start. Having only seen two-episodes, and already inspired of a gibberish spazzing post means something, and this is all thanks to the extreeeemely charming and stellar casts including Park Bo Gum, Kim Yoo Jung, Kwak Dong Yeon, Jin Young, but not excluding all other supporting actors.

Rating-wise, the result is not too shabby, clocking in at 8.3 and 8.5 for episode 1 and 2 respectively. I fully expected approx. 5% for the pilot episode, but it scored an 8+, and that got me greedy for more. Therefore, disappointment did flashes past my face when the number only raise by a mere 0.2. However, no rating battle will stop me from enjoying the show.

Since episode 1 begins with Crown Prince Hyomyeong aka. Lee Young (Park Bo Gum), I shall start with him too. Cracks fingers and clear throat.

*Fangirl mode ON*

First off, OH. M. GEE. How much more gorgeous can he be? Like seriously? I did not think he would be so freaking beautiful. I mean, we all know he is a very good-looking person, but this is beyond good looks; it’s everything about him that pleases a viewer’s eyes—my eyes. Never had I thought sageuk suits him this much. It is difficult to pinpoint, and a lot of it is his own doing, but there is definitely something about dressing him in a hanbok, and playing Prince Lee Young that amplify his charm by 10-fold.

I am in love with those fan-like eye lashes, and of course how could anyone not notice those beautiful sparkly eyes. It was most prominent when he was angered by the street performance. I always have admiration for those with excellent emoting skills using their eyes. I could not be happier seeing Bo Gum already has it, and is utilising it so damn well at his age. These obviously are not the only reason that had me weak at the knees.

The most praises I could shower him is of course his acting. For his first ever sageuk, and even though I am no expert in Korean (sageuk) language, but I can tell his line delivery and sageuk tone are, if not excellent, then commendable. When he is himself, he speaks politely with a gentle, soft voice, and occasionally throwing in some cute aegyo. When he was Choi Taek, he speaks slower as if he is lazy, and it’s always soft and gentle with a lower tone. As Jung Sun Ho, he speaks normal, but with mature, adult tone and a hint of sarcasm. As Lee Yoon Hoo, he speaks sweetly and brightly. As Kang Dong Suk, he is cold and with dialect accent. As Ko Young Joon, he puts on any annoying high pitch and speaks exaggerately. However as Lee Young, he deliberately changes the pitch of his voice. He speaks firmly and with assertiveness. Sometimes it is casual and other times with authority, constantly interchange depending on the person, the occasion and emotions; and that—is challenging, and I think he is doing really well so far.

In portraying Lee Young, Park Bo Gum is like an onion, and each layer is different to another layer as we peel it—he has transformed into a man with thousand faces and expressions. I dive into this drama fully expecting a hard-to-please, mature, cold and frowny prince (much like his character in Wonderful Days); thus, I was taken aback at first in episode 1, especially when he acted like a brat in the pit. After episode 2, I now approve of this mischievous, multi-dimensional, naughty and haraguroi* prince. In my opinion, I do believe this is a much more taxing character to play compared to the original version—but—I can imagine how fulfilling it is for Bo Gum, as he comes across as someone who would be excited when being challenged with a good script/character.

Next we have Hong Sam Nom aka. Hong Ra On (Kim Yoo Jung), who is equally charming and awesome on-screen as Park Bo Gum. I love her character setup, and her portrayal of Sam Nom. It was very apt, speaking freely like a boy, and the bright, bubbly personality she instills into Ra On. Perfection! Ra On is just as beautiful as the prince, and the best thing is their beauty doesn’t overshadow one another’s, and they shine on-screen equally. Like Bo Gum, Yoo Jung is very expressive too, which I love seeing and hadn’t seen from her before. Video: (1) (2).

We go into this show knowing perfectly well that she is playing a cross dresser, but I think she has successfully convince me that she is a boy—a boy who has just begun his puberty, but not yet fully developed into an adult male. However, when she lets down her hair and binds her chest, she immediately transforms back to a vulnerable, fragile young woman.

Ra On is not only witty, but like Young, she is just as mischievous and smart, her big eyes go bling-bling when her brain comes up with wacky ideas. My only wish is when the drama shift to a serious tone, Ra On does not lose her optimistic aura and bright personality. Script writers, you guys be good to uri Ra On, okay?!

Alright, I have to eat my words in regard to Kim Yoon Sung (Jin Young). With just two episodes, Jin Young has shown me that he, too, is just as charming as everyone else. I can’t say I like his character, but I am developing fondness towards him. But then I’m also reserving myself because we are not shown of his true self. At the moment, he seems to enjoy standing on the sideline and watches everything roll out in place rather than getting involved. He didn’t show his desire for the throne, too, but then he has a foxy smile I don’t yet trust. Video: (1)

Well he is one HOT quiet potato, isn’t he? Kim Byung Yeon (Kwak Dong Yeon) is a stoic and quiet warrior, but a good friend to the Lee Young. We don’t know much about his background except that he has a secret, in which, if I were to apply what I have learned from the book, then that secret is *SPOILER* his family is involved in the rebellion *SPOILER* the minister was talking about in episode 1.

*腹黑はらぐろい): 通常用來指表面和善溫和,內心卻想著邪惡事情或有機心的人。日語原意為表裡不一、心地壞,即中文的「笑裡藏刀」、「佛口蛇心」。在ACG界被當作萌屬性廣 泛使用。不過,即使該角色於原作中被設定是天然呆,但有時會被觀眾腦補成「腹黑」。常見附加屬性有:毒舌、神吐槽、爆彈發言,或是雖然表面很愛酸你然後很 愛欺負你但其實他都用這種方式來關心你…等.

*Haraguroi: It is a Japanese word usually describes someone who is kind on the surface, but in truth is always scheming and evil. However, in the world of ACG (Animation, Comics & Games), the definition is more positive and applies mostly to male characters who always project themselves as bad guys, but really, they have a soft, good heart. A haraguroi would usually possess a poisonous tongue, love to tease as well as pretending to bully, but really, it is his way of showing affections…etc.

Source: Falling Bogum | Insectx1225

to be continued… next page


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  1. I SO TOTALLY in love with this drama. Thank you Bo-Gum-ah for picking up this project!

    Anyone experienced creepy moments whenever glimpses of Min showed up? Like when Young- Ra On ate the street soup from the ex-Palace lady court ahjumma.. and Young looked up and gave the lady pee-inducing stare? or the moment Young patted Ra On’s head and said that one shouldn’t hit a puppy buy playing with it instead? Why did I get a goosebump hearing that??

    I love all Bo Gum’s scenes in the 2 episodes and there were moments when I just looked at my screen with moony eyes coz he’s just so,beautifully handsome. hahahhah.. is that even right? Does the phrase make sense?

    LOL… and that part when they were eating chicken and talking about the Prince’s nickname.. I laughed out loud at Kim’s expression. How did he say “Prince Poop” with that serious face?? haha..


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