Moonlight Drawn by Clouds: One More Day to Go!

Countdown to Moonlight Drawn by Clouds is nearing its end, and I just love this picture and the beautiful backdrop of the endless sky and majestic mountains. Such a poetic picture that took a breath of mine away.

The soil on this land He walks on will one day be his. For He is the future king of the nation.

… but before this prince becomes the king of the nation, he might wanna take a bath first, LOL. And how adorable are they in this BTS shot. This most likely is a scene where they film the part where they have fallen into the pit. They either are taking a selfie, or they are playing with the SNOW app. Now what I’d love most is to go into that picture and grab that phone. There must be a lot of selfies in there for me to steal, LOLLL.


One more day, guys. OH MY GAWDDDDDD. Do I live stream? But wouldn’t it be better to wait for HD with subtitles? Should I download 720p or 1080p? But good and small size 1080p is not readily available as 720p. These are the things that went through my head the moment I open my eyes this morning. Silly thoughts, but sincerely having a dilemma over this man called Park Bo Gum. LOL.

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