Lee Jong Suk Returns to Big Screen as a Villain


Lee Jong Suk, the man who has stirred up a storm with his latest hit drama, W, has recently confirmed to play his first ever villain role in a noir thriller movie named VIP. Lee Jong Suk hasn’t starred in a movie since 2014’s Hot Young Bloods. It has been awhile, but really glad to hear that he will challenge the big screen again, and this time, as a villain. Awesome. I am loving the idea of him as a villain, especially after having watch him always play the good guys for so many years.

Jong Suk is Gwang Il, a son of a high ranking official from North Korea who commits a series of murders as he travels around the world. The movie will centre on the pursuit of Gwang Il, with the North and South Korean police and Interpol joining hands to catch him.

Yikes, is he going to play a psycho? I’m not against a psycho role, but I don’t want him to play one that kills without reasons, and I don’t want the movie be gruesome or gory without depths of exploring his reason of killing. In other words, I want VIP to be about a smart and intellectual psycho that kills with a reason, much like the drama, I Remember You / Hello Monster.

I can already imagine Jong Suk being all excited about it. This boy loves staying home, and marathon dramas and movies, so there must be roles that he sees onscreen that he wishes he could play. This must be one of them.

Joining Jong Suk are actors Jang Dong Gun (No Tears for the Dead), Kim Myung Min (Six Flying Dragons) and Park Hee Soon (Detour). Ooooh… interesting casts. I wonder who will be the lead, because I see at least three actors can take the lead in this movie.

VIP will be directed by Park Hoon Jung, who previously directed movies such as The Tiger, New World and The Showdown. Oh dear, I hadn’t seen any of them, but these movies had all the A-list movie actors in it, so he must be a well-known and talented director. Good. This is good for Jong Suk’s acting career and a really good learning experience.


VIP is set to premiere next year, so we can assume Jong Suk will jump straight into filming once he wraps up W. But he also has fan meetings lining up too, and the first stop is Taiwan on October, 22.


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