Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Press Conference + 10 Mins Preview


Updated: 2016.08.19

Led by the five young actors—Park Bo Gum, Kim Yoo Jung, Kwak Dong Yeon, Cha Soo Bin and Jin Young, KBS upcoming fusion sageuk drama, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, held its press conference this afternoon. The drama captures media attention widely for various reasons: Bo Gum and Yoo Jung are playing leads for the first time; it is also Bo Gum’s first drama comeback after the success of Answer Me 1988, as well as his first ever historical drama. Other than this, all eyes are on the show as they are forced to engage in a rating battle against SBS post-produced sageuk drama, Moon Lover Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. One can only imagine how much pressure rest upon Bo Gum and Yoo Jung.

The cast is introduced onto the stage one by one, taking turn to be attacked by the flashlights. Dang it, they attended the press conference in modern wear. I was so hoping to see them in their individual sageuk attire. Nonetheless, they all look sensationally handsome and beautiful. Lots of clips are readily available on YouTube if anyone is interested.

Pink seems to be the theme for the ladies. However, if I had to choose, I think I prefer Cha Soo Bin’s dress over Yoo Jung’s. I am always curious if the girls talk about what colours they will wear, because this is no longer the first time where I notice the actresses wearing the same colour. I would think they would want to avoid same colour and/or style, as to not having a supporting actor stealing a lead’s spotlight that sort of thing.

Boys are always much simpler, and the 3 boys went with the safest colour choice too i.e. black and grey. Dong Yeon’s attire is considered plain and boring, whilst Jin Young looks like he tried, but just not good enough, LOL.

As for Bo Gum, I think the suit is a winner. I love the pin for his collar, and together with the embroidery, it made a huge difference for his suit to the others. That said, any dung bombs for Bo Gum’s makeup artist? Did the makeup pass? LOLLOL.

Sigh these two are killing me. My heart is aching just seeing them holding hands, and standing so close to each other. Maybe the pain will reduce if I reduce the size of the images too…

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3 thoughts on “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Press Conference + 10 Mins Preview

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  1. I was about to complain about his brownie neck.. but then I saw Dong Yeon’s makeup and totally felt so sorry for him. Whoever his makeup artist is, the person must have thought DY’s role was Edward Cullen. Compared to his whitey face and neck, Bo Gum’s makeup seems passable. LOL

    You’re so right about the Min-ness ( Min-iology? Minizism? … as long as not Miningitis..hehehhe). He has this specialty of channeling totally different emotions in a blink of eye and I so want to see him displaying all his potensials in this drama.

    Since we’ve seen a lil bit of Min here… can we also get a glimpse of Taekiness?? Maybe like not knowing how to park his horse? But does horse need parking?? hehehhehe..


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