Moonlight Drawn by Clouds: BTS Poster Photoshoot

네이버 tvcast_1(1).mp40108

KBS decides to strike (again) when the iron is still hot, by releasing a behind the scene clip of the poster photoshoot of our main casts—Park Bo Gum, Kim Yoo Jung, Jin Young, Kwak Dong Yeon and Cha Soo Bin. Gaaaaaaahhhh. These two love birds are killing me (or us).

Note: There’s going to be picture-overdose beyond this point.

Bo Gum is killing me with those smiles too, the kind that melts anyone’s heart, and the reason why I fell for him, at first sight. He had me at those teeth. Hahahaha.


So that’s Bo Gum makeup artist? Those that has an issue with Bo Gum’s makeup… you now know your target.

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9 thoughts on “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds: BTS Poster Photoshoot

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  1. where is my gun? WHERE IS MY GUUUN??!!!!

    Revenge aside, I guess by the end of the series (just what am I talking about?? the drama hasn’t even started yet!), all the ladies will suffer from diabetic due to high level of sweetness consumption aalll drama long.

    And that finger gun…….Bo Gum-aah, what did you do to this poor nuna’s heart?


  2. I pray to the Heavens Bogum’s Makeup is applied moderately tomorrow, or else, i will totally throw a fit that will make Blossom fear me for the rest of their days.


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