Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Reverts Back to Light & Fun in 5th Teaser

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KYAAAAAAAA~~~ another new teaser from Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, and this time, it is back to being light, fun and funny. LOL. What is the production team trying to do to us? It feels like we are in for a roller coaster ride of the sort.

Best part of this teaser had got to do with the feature image. I can’t NOT replay this part, and laugh at it each and every time. LOL LOL.

Teaser #5

Oh my god, so Ra On is the one that push Seja into the hole???

Young: Do you know who I am? How could you do this to me?

Young: If we meet again, can you bear the consequences?

Ra On: If you ask me to be a dog, I’ll comply.

Young: (scream) Yaaaaaaaaaaa~ you come back here!!!

An ill-fated like destiny

Man: The Crown Prince has arrived

Man: If there is any mishap, it will be difficult to stay alive

According to the novel, this eunuch must be Song naekwan. He gets thrown out of Seja’s residence. He is also the one that bullies Ra On.

Ra On: What are you doing?
Man: *Cleansing* (castration)

Ra On: No. I most definitely cannot be a eunuch

He is a Crown Prince…
She is a eunuch…

Hahahahahaha! Okay, I like that they put in comedic element into this segment, which clearly is not in the novel. In the book, Ra On is completely oblivious about the rumour in relation to the location she will reside. Hence, the screaming and fainting did not happen.

Ra On: Are you the ghost that lives here?

Hmm… Kwak Dong Yeon looks girly here.

Yoon Sung: Do you think I can’t distinguish a woman’s body?

Yoon Sung: Are you really a eunuch?
Ra On: Is there a fake eunuch?

An unpredictable youthful Joseon romance

Man: The body check-up begins now.

Man (Young?): Take this man to Uigeumbu (의금부 | 義禁府)

Young: Nice meeting you again, mong mong-ah (dog’s bark)


I  ❤ this teaser. It’s teasingly funny and fun to watch, especially on the parts where Bo Gum screams his head off, Yoo Jung rolls her eyes backwards and fainted, and of course that evil smirk. That. Evil. Devilish. Smirk. Hooooooot! Love the small change in his expression in the same scene and within that split second. This is what I want to see in this drama from Park Bo Gum because I know he can do it. As for Kim Yoo Jung, we really haven’t seen many expression from the teaser apart from her being flustered (by Yoon Sung), scared or frightened. Of course I would love to see more. Jin Young is totally black-listed because each time he appears, I find myself wanting to push him away, or stand between him and Ra On so that he can stay away from my prince’s future wife. What a weird mindset I have, LOLOL.

With that said, this teaser throws me back a little, as this is not how Young’s identity is uncovered in the novel. This means the script is not going to strictly follow the novel, which is not a bad thing, but I hope the good elements are kept and unchanged.

In the book, Young and Byung Yeon sneak Ra On out of the palace so that she can visit her mother and sick sister. Byung Yeon then leaves to run an errand for Young whilst Young waits for Ra On. After Ra On bids her farewell to her family, she gets kidnapped by Princess Myung Eun’s men. When Young finds out, he ran to save her.

Therefore in my mind, I expected to see him with a bit of sweat on his face, but pretending to be calm and cold, but in reality, he is panting and catching his breath when no one notice. Sigh, and I really wanted to see Bo Gum’s take on the prince’s expression / reaction when Ra On puts a distance between them and kneels before him after he saved her! Am I not able to see all that now?

Oh noooooooo… put it backkkkk! (<<< I’m just saying this so that I could use Bo Gum’s yelling gif)

In volume 1 of the novel, there is not a scene where they both fall into the hole. Judging from the exchange conversation, it can be assumed this happened the first time they met. Aye aye, that is also very different. However, I shall say no more, maybe we will find out in detail on August 18 when the press conference release the longer preview trailer.

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds airs August 22 at 10 pm KST. 6 more days to go!

Character Map


2 thoughts on “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Reverts Back to Light & Fun in 5th Teaser

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  1. Thanks for the updates. Love love the new teaser. S
    creaming bratty prince make me laugh every time I watched it. I know Bogum will deliver. . Eukybear hope you will cover too on the press con this thursday. So excited seeing Bogummy on the screen again.


  2. Hmm… I’ll just name this drama a free, no-string-attached adaptation of novel Moonlight.

    Aaaaahh… it’s so great to see this different side of Taekie. . I mean Bo Gummie. Hehhehe.. the expressive Bo Gummie.


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