Lee Min Ho to challenge two roles in The Legend of the Blue Sea


I am sure everybody knows the news of SBS upcoming drama, The Legend of the Blue Sea (working title) stars two of South Korea’s, if not the most, but very popular and well-known actors Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun.

Welcome back, Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun.

Their names combine, are enough to cause a huge wave of ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’, but add the following two, then we might want to expect a tidal wave: the script is penned by Park Ji Eun, the one who wrote the sensational alien-human romance sci-fi drama—You Who Came from the Star, that resulted in world-wide phenomenal feverish craze. To top it all off, SBS has hired Jin Hyuk as the director, who has several successful dramas under his belt.

This also marks the reunion of Lee Min Ho and Jin Hyuk since City Hunter in 2011. Hmm, with Jin Hyuk in, am I to expect familiar faces from City Hunter to cameo or being casted in the drama? Jin Hyuk has a habit of using them in his dramas, and I really do not mind a reunion of the respective veterans: Kim Sang Joong, Kim Sang Ho and Chun Ho Jin. Make that 4 as I don’t mind Choi Jung Woo after having grown fond of him in Master Sun.

The above are speculations, but the supporting actors who have confirmed to join the casts are Song Dong Il (Answer Me 1988), Na Young Hee (Producer, You Who Came From the Star), Lee Jin Hoon (Mirror of the Witch), Shin Hye Sun (She Was Pretty), Shin Won Ho (Big) and Lee Hee Joon (Yoona’s Street).

The Legend of the Blue Sea is inspired by a mermaid story ‘Eou Yadam’ by Joseon scholar Yu Mong In. When the mermaids were caught by fisherman, a man releases them back into the ocean. With that in mind, I had thought this drama is going to be set in Joseon, and then there’s the thought of who is going to be the one in fish tail.

To be different from all of the originals, it would be refreshing if Lee Min Ho is the Merman, but we now know, we’re not getting a Merman with chocolat abs (Damn. I was hoping it would force him to work on it this time). So. Okay. Fine. This means Jun Ji Hyun is the Mermaid, and her name is Sim Chung, who has difficulty surviving in Seoul. Pathetic but true, this is all that has been disclosed about her role so far.

As for Lee Min Ho, latest news has it that he is challenging two roles:

In Joseon, he plays county Magistrate Kim Dam Ryung’s son. OMG. Lee Min Ho in Joseon hanbok?! This I have to see! We have seen him in Goryeo wear, but Joseon sageuk is the first ever. Anticipation is shooting high right as I type.

In present, he plays a genius con artist named Heo Joon Jae, who possesses good looks (what’s new?) and extremely high intellect (what’s new again?). In the drama, Lee Min Ho will take on many identities such as doctor, lawyer, businessman, prosecutor and so on when he deceive people. The undercover scenes is set to be presented in a comedic way. This feels very much like City Hunter in a way. Not that I mind, any character is better than playing the 18 years old Kim Tan from Heirs.

Shin Won Ho is the newest addition to the cast, playing a hacker. I have only seen this boy’s work once; in Big, and I quite liked him then. As a hacker means his character is most likely working for/with Lee Min Ho. Now this drama is turning into a combo of Healer-City Hunter-38 Task Force, dont’t you think?

The production team will depart end of August to Palau and then Spain in September for the beautiful sceneries of the ocean since the backstory is set on mermaids.

The Legend of the Blue Sea is scheduled to air in November.


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