Moonlight Drawn by Cloud Drops A More Comprehensive & Maddening 4th Teaser

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The highly anticipated new KBS drama, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds drops a 1 minute and 10 seconds long teaser, and takes us on a tour into the palace to meet all the important characters in the drama. In there, we first meet Prince Hyomyeong and Hong Ra On played by Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung. We also see Jin Young challenging our prince by showing too much interest on uri Ra On. Lastly, we also get a glimpse of Cha Soo Bin, Kwak Dong Yeon, Chun Ho Jin and Lee Joon Hyuk.

Teaser #4

That’s right. That was li.te.ra.lly my initial reaction when the preview start playing. It was: ‘KKYYYYAAAAAAA. Sejaaaaa!’ Yeaps… it’s maddening because it made me crazy.

Becoming a prince is not something I can choose

However, to become what kind of prince…

… isn’t that up to me, your royal highness (jeonha)?

Oh. OHHH. Our Youngie is challenging his father, the king! I love it, and will you look at those eyes.

Nae si (eunuchs) protects the Royals. Binded by fate (as one)*.

My interpretation of this is that the head enunch is saying the Royals and enunchs together are One, binded by fate. As the novel wrote: the eunuchs are the shadows of the Royals.

How long are you intending to live your life dressing like a man?

LOLLL. I had a shock for split second seeing Ra On waking up to that man sleeping beside her. I was all, ‘WHUTTTT?! That’s not Lee Young!’

Took me awhile to notice there is someone standing behind them, LOLLLL. Aww, don’t tell me the script writer has scraped the royal guard who protects Young, and make Kim Byung Yeon his bodyguard! This aside, that huge hat (which I don’t know what else to call it) is bought and given by Ra On in the novel.  🙂

You and I are not in the kind of relationship where we can greet one another.

Why? Because we are no longer friends, so you are upset?

Such a pretty prince. *Ogle* *Ogle* *Olge*

Compare to the prince… he is more prince-like.

Okay. Let’s ignore him… he must be blind to say that. LOLLL.

Oh ho! Super sneaky Seja. But I like it. Uri Young is definitely doing this on purpose because, clearly, he could sit down and let Ra On put it on. Tsk tsk tsk. Using every bit of opportunity to have skinship.

Caption: Plucking up the courage to convey the real heart

When it is only the two of us, just treat me like a friend.

Ani. You must do it.

Omo. That authoritive toneeee. ❤ ❤ ❤ Would you like me to lie on your bed, jeoha? ROFL!

I am still trying to figure our how in the world Ra On can drop from the sky into the arms of Kim Yoon Sung.

Are you really a enunch?

Is there a fake one?

Caption: … and a secret that can’t be told

Doesn’t it violate the rules that a enunch is so pretty?

Caption: This summer… a youthful Joseon romance that tempt our hearts

I don’t know why through your face I keep seeing another person…

… a woman.

It’s my woman, your highness (jeoha).

YAAA! Who said so? Over my dead body she is yours. Ra On decides who her man is!


In contrast to previous teasers, this teaser takes on a much more serious tone, which is how it should be if we go by the bible, I mean, novel. I love that the teaser begins with Park Bo Gum’s narration of ‘One who wants to wear the crown, bears its weight’. In his case, he narrates that he can’t choose to be a Crown Prince, but he has the choice to be the kind that he wants. Awww. ❤

Then there is Ra On, bearing her own weight—the breadwinner of the household. Looking distress living her life as a eunuch, and looking longingly at a lady’s hanbok, perhaps wondering when she will ever have the chance to be a girl again…

The tension between Prince Hyomyeong (Lee Young) and Kim Yoon Sung is also high. I can feel the sparks just from that one sitting alone. Wooo… but hotness overload. Hahaha.

This teaser only introduces the love triangle, and touches very little on the politics, but it seems obvious enough that Kim Hun wants to make Yoon Sung the next King. There are definitely more can be shown, especially we haven’t gotten the full introduction to the Crown Princess, best friend Byung Yeon, the King and his rival, Kim Hun. I am thinking, maybe next week during the press conference on August 22.

Now I am definitely less worried for it turning into a comedy, and can sit back and wait for everything to unveil as we draw nearer to the air date.

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds is slated to air Mon-Tue, at 10 pm KST on August 22.


7 thoughts on “Moonlight Drawn by Cloud Drops A More Comprehensive & Maddening 4th Teaser

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  1. I love your narration and side remarks hahaha! Especially about that ‘blind’ guy who said the other guy is more of a crown prince than the crown prince. Hahaha i was raging too! (My sister called me a psycho). Thank you for the translation!


    1. The novel is in the process of translating into Chinese, with volume 1-2 published. I know the contents of volume 1, everything else is just bits & pieces until all volumes are released.
      English version is not available.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. May I please have something clarified? I’m really wondering about the relationship between the Crown Prince and Princess in the novel, so I know what I can expect from the drama.
    Are they a real couple (i.e. have they/will the consummate their relationship)? I know it’s a sageuk, so kings had their queen and lots of concubines, but I really hope that the highest that the heroine can aspire to isn’t becoming the future king’s concubine. Because then I’d rather she end up with the second male lead, who btw looks very smart and cute.


    1. I wish I can tell you the exact ending of the novel, but at this point, I do not know too. Fans who have read the novel were selective in sharing extracts, and they did not want to post too many spoilers.

      1) What I do know is the princess doesn’t appear until Vol. 3 and the setting is that she is torn between the prince and her family because they plot to remove the prince.

      2) If I remember correctly, Ra On’s grandfather was actually the prince’s teacher. He was found guilty for treachery; resulted in Ra On & family becoming poor and go into hiding.

      From here onward is my speculation:

      1) If the princess’ family is caught later for treason, then she would most likely be stripped of her crown princess title.

      2) If Ra On can prove her family’s innocence, then she may have a higher chance of becoming the crown princess. There is a clue from the illustration if we can confirm this official wedding (and its costume) only applies to the woman that’s been given the highest status, as I don’t think concubine has the privilege of a grand wedding.

      Lastly, since this is a love story between Prince and Ra On (and they did get together in the novel), I strongly advise against developing second male lead syndrome for your own heart’s good. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for replying. And ooh, that illustration is from the novel? ‘Cause you’re right that it’s a huge clue. It looks just like the costume the heroine wore when she finally married the king in “Moon Embracing the Sun” (my favorite “light” fusion sageuk–and the one case I know of where the crown prince/king already being married was handled just right, imo. I.e. the hero wanted nothing to do with his unwanted wife from a traitorous clan and he refused to consummate their marriage for 8 years). Anyway, I don’t know details about Joseon dress culture, but in Ancient China only the wife was ever allowed to wear red, and concubines no matter how high in rank were forbidden the color.
        So I’ll just hope for a cute romance and a hero who only has eyes for the heroine. 😉


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