Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Drops Comical Third Teaser & Confirms Air Date

160801 MoonCloud 3.mp40639

Mark your calendar, peeps. We have a date with Moonlight Drawn by Clouds!!! No one shall have any errands to run, or off to a date on August 22 and 23 at 10 pm KST. Your only objective of those two nights is to guard the remote control of the TV as if your life depended on it.

For international fans who is unable to watch live streaming, the prince will only bestow favour on us on August 23-24. Sadly, I’m one of those concubines that had to wait in line because I doubt I will have any luck with live streaming. 

Teaser #3

Contrary to the serious tone of its opponent’s teaser, KBS is still promoting Moonlight Drawn by Clouds as a light and fun drama based on this teaser. I almost thought I am watching a romance comedy, except it is in sageuk. Even the caption appearing on screen takes on the comical side.

The gist of the caption is: There is a rumour in the palace that the prince and a eunuch have fallen in love. It is something that has never been heard before in history. It’s an exciting, secretive and unpredictable ticking bomb. An interesting and heart palpitating romance…

Can I just say how awesome to find out that we will be seeing Bo Gum shoot an arrow? Very awesome indeed.

Is Eunuch Jang thinking uri Seja is in love with him? — Because he really did think that in the novel.

This part is one reason why I think the drama is a comedy, LOLLLL.

Ahhhh so it was the prince who first fall into the pit hole, and he drags Ra On into it, too.

Omo!!! Wae? Why does Seja want to hit Ra On?

Hahaha, this part is definitely my favourite and funniest. The only explanation for Seja to do that most likely because he is 300% dap dap hae at how slow Ra On uptake is of his feelings for her. In the novel, Ra On believes her undercover is flawless and perfect, and she thinks Seja is gay; gay and GAY. So no doubt if I were in Seja’s place, I would want to whack her too. I love it, hahaha. Bo Gum’s expression is very apt at that very moment too.

This scene seems to link to the above gif where Seja whack Ra On, but which one comes first? He looks like he’s teasing her in this part.

Eunuch Jang freaks out asking, ‘What is this?’ whilst uri Seja is secretly grinning at the end of this teaser. Hmm. Curious.

So. Y’all think ahjumma will like this new teaser? ^ ^


4 thoughts on “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Drops Comical Third Teaser & Confirms Air Date

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  1. The only part I can watch Bo Gum’s shooting arrow. The rest is just toooo fast.

    At this rate, I’d better stop watching teasers. Gotta save my life for the real drama. Ain’t funny if I die of severe wait while watching teasers.


  2. Wow… this teaser Iis the best so far
    Kinda feels sorry to raon coz the cp is really the troublesome one.
    Actually I wanna ask something because in the real life cp only has 1 wife so in the novel did cp and raon end up married? If they did. Did raon become the crown princess? How about jo ha yeon? Sorry I ask too much for a silent lurker. im really curious because I see the picture they have a kid. I want to read the novel my self but I cant find the english version one.


    1. In the novel:
      Did Prince Hyomyong & Ra On got married? — Yes
      They had kids? — Yes. Twins!
      All other questions — Ask me again in mid-October. I only have Volume 1 at hand.


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