Moon Lover Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Releases Intense & Blood-Spattering Teasers


UPDATE: 2016.08.15 Added new teaser & stills

Moon Lover Scarlet Heart: Ryeo releases its first official teaser preview and group character poster today, just as Moonlight Drawn by Clouds release its third teaser. So the battle begins hey?—Narratively speaking for the storyline of the drama as well as between broadcasting stations.

Teaser #1

I am unsure what to really think of the first teaser without understanding the subtitles. Without it, it all feels a bit messy and things shooting out everywhere in front of my eyes. Thankfully, I already know the so-called backbone of the story, so it’s not that confusing except in the Chinese version, I don’t recalled having seen that much blood, and the 4th prince was never injured and spitted blood so gruesomely. It’s rather gory for a love transcend through time romance drama.

I do not reckon we will see exact replica of Chinese version’s Bu Bu Jing Xing now that we have more insights into the drama, but it won’t be entirely a bad thing, too. It’s not musical drama, so they can’t possible screw up as much as Naeil’s Cantabile did!

Does the teaser get me excited about the show? No. Not yet. For someone who is not a big fan of angst and melodrama, the first impression of the teaser and the seriousness of the group poster spell out these two words: heavy and intense.

Teaser #2

Sigh. I seriously am not feeling this drama as I should. Meanwhile, other bloggers are raving about how hot Lee Jun Ki is, and I feel completely apathetic. Why? It’s like, I am immune to Lee Jun Ki or something; I can’t see/feel what others do, but I want to, sincerely so! Arghhhh.

On the contrary, I am drawn to Kang Ha Neul, and find him attractive in the above trailer. As in I could feel the electric passing between him and IU. And I don’t even want to invest in him, because he is supposedly doomed and does not deserve to be loved. I detest the 8th prince in the Chinese version.

As for IU, love. I like what I see from her already, so cute; so beautiful.

Moon Lover Scarlet Heart: Ryeo is set to air on August 29 on SBS.


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