Jin Young snatches Kim Yoo Jung from Park Bo Gum in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds


Few days back we have seen Moonlight Drawn by Clouds‘ teaser preview of Park Bo Gum grabbing Kim Yoo Jung and pulled her close to him in a muddy hole of the sort; and this week, we have Jin Young grabbing her close by the shoulder, away from her pretending-to-be-jealous prince. It’s all done in a playful way we obviously will not see in the drama, but it definitely is hinting at us the love triangle brewing between them.

Eugh. What’s the point? I already ship Hyomyeong with Ra On. We all do!

Sigh. They look so pretty all in their own charming ways. I think so far, there is not one photograph I do not like/love, especially when the prince is in it, LOLLLL—I’m so biased.

Nonsense talk aside, KBS still hasn’t decided on an air date. All we know is it might possibly delay for another week, which place the air date on August 22. Drama fans have analysed the special situation, and deduce that it would have been better if it airs on August 29, just so that it gets to avoid the ending of SBS’s Doctors. However, they have also acknowledged that no matter which date it begins, it will be a tough battle either way.

I agree, and more importantly, there really is nothing we, international drama fans, can do to help with the ratings. It’s all up to the Korean viewers and how well they convince their Omma to tune into uri Bogummy. 😀

Frankly, I don’t find anything extraordinary in the story or the characters in Doctors. I like the medical cases, and it was fun to watch at first, but then now that things are getting serious, it’s predictable and colourless. Hence, I kind of hope viewers will start to lose interest just as I did, and hence, banking on them to change channel. LOL. It’s wishful thinking, but why not?

More Character Stills Revealed.

With possibly a month’s worth of wait, KBS is sure to drop more promo stills and teaser previews. We still have plenty of characters yet to be introduced to e.g. Crown Princess Ha Yeon (Chae Soo Bin), King Sunjo (Kim Seung Soo), Princess Myung Geon (Jung Hye Sung) and Kim Hun (Chun Ho Jin). Yup. No rush. No rush at all. It is good news for the production team anyway, as they get one extra week to catch up if they were ever behind on filming. I want this show to produce good quality in all areas and from beginning to the end, so I am definitely not going to object if KBS decides to push it one or even two weeks behind.

Cute Fan Art

This is adorable. I like this depiction slight more than the actual stills, simply because in this, Yoo Jung is sticking out his tongue at annoyed Bo Gum. Hahaha. Cute.

Source: Dragon_way


2 thoughts on “Jin Young snatches Kim Yoo Jung from Park Bo Gum in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

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  1. im all for 29th aug, it’s a bit painful to wait for 2 weeks but it’s better than go againts finale of Doctors. even the story is now not great as before, ppl will still tune in for their last 2 eps i guess


  2. I totally agree with what you said about Doctors. These days when I am watching.. I just stare at my screen and have this thought “why am I still watching this?” running around my head. I have to say I miss badass Hye Jung. Now I only stay because of Yoon Do. He’s adoooooorb!


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