Ji Chang Wook Returns for The Days Musical + Promotion Teaser


Musical The Days is hitting the theatres again from August 25 to November 3. It bids its farewell last year, and I guess one lesson learned is we should never take these things as the last for real, because in a year’s time it has decided to reboot. Geez. Give me back the tears I shed when the casts said their goodbyes last year.

For this year’s reboot, there are some old faces returning to reprise their roles, and that include uri Healer—Ji Chang Wook along with Oh Man Seok, Yoo Jung Sang, Kang Tae Eul and Oh Jung Hyuk. New casts joining them are F.T. Island’s Lee Hong Ki, Son Seung Won and one other guy I am not familiar with, and therefore unsure if he is new or old.

Promotional Teaser

Is it me or the promotional teaser is focusing a lot on Ji Chang Wook? Or is it just the bias in me that sees more of him? No matter what, it is great to have Ji Chang Wook back in South Korea. I’m not one who can recite the whole story of this musical since I have never seen it myself, and timing is never on my side when it comes to my fangirl life. Hence, most I have done so far is watch some leaked videos on YouTube, as well as dripped lots of drools on Ji Chang Wook’s pictures—which should not even meant to be publicised, since it is strictly prohibited to take pictures or videos of the performance.

Having said that, for those who happens to be travelling there during these times, please do go check out on The Days if you can. We have some solid casts there, and it’s nice to see familiair faces as I have gotten to know a fair few of them through their other projects.

In summary, it is the story of two bodyguards—Jong Hak and Mu Young—who were assigned to protect the President at the Blue House. Both men fell in love with a lady interpreter from China, and due to a series of event, Mu Young and the lady had to make for a run for their lives.

… this is as much as I know from watching snippets of Ji Chang Wook’s performance, LOL.

There is even a mini reunion of the Healer casts between Ji Chang Wook, Son Seung Won and Oh Jung Hyuk. Hehehe. Son Seung Won played the young Kim Moon Sik and Oh Jung Hyuk was Young Shin’s father—Oh Gil Han in Healer.

I have gotten acquainted with Oh Man Seok too; he recently appear in OCN’s 38 Task Force, as a detective who helps Seo In Guk and Ma Dong Suk con the baddies. He does not have a big part to play, but the revelation of this week’s episodes show his involvement is rather crucial to In Guk’s backstory, as well as the central story. It’s a good drama, except tax money talks confuses me to no end.

I only have one request for Son Seung Won’s role, i.e. please don’t make him play the betrayer again, LOL. He has done that in two dramas I have seen him in.

Lee Hong Ki’s involvement in The Days comes as a surprise, but he is definitely up for musical since he’s a solid singer, and has had musical experience from the past.

As for Ji Chang Wook (gorgeous poster by the way), he will reprise the role of second male lead, Mu Young, in The Days. Dang, I was hoping he will play the lead this time round, but then I thought maybe his skills aren’t up there yet as a musical lead. Based on what I’ve seen/heard from The Days videos and his concert’s videos, his singing isn’t stable. He isn’t the strongest singer, and he can go off-keys and I have even seen his voice crack whilst singing, so I supposed we can’t allow that for a male lead in a musical.

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Going off the rail regarding The Days from this point onwards:

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3 thoughts on “Ji Chang Wook Returns for The Days Musical + Promotion Teaser

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  1. I got to read about Bo Gummie and then Wookie in one inhale? Is that even healthy?

    Sigh… Healer-yaaa… how I miss you so bad.
    You’ve been absence from my heart for far too long..
    and you left a big big hole since then…
    Then Bo Gummie came and filled the empty space that you left..
    But of course it doesn’t mean that I dun love you anymore…
    My heart is never too crowded ..
    ..to have two young gorgeous men occupying the room..

    The teaser focused too much on JCW? well yeah.. since they know where the money comes from.

    Chingu, so you’re watching 38 Task Force too? Why not recaping it?..hehhehhe… anyway.. Yess, last week episodes were just..DAEBAK! I didn’t know that the level of conspiracy could reach that degree where I was just completely taken by surprise when it was revealed that Deok Bae was helping Jung Do all drama long. And then the show has shown just toooo many layers of betrayals. One time you think you understand who betrays who.. but seconds later you’re proven wrong. The writers must be some kind of genius people or cons themselves… hahhaha… cos they’re just THAT good.

    But have you seen the brawl? the most hilarious, man-child brawl? complete with the pants ripping and nipple biting. I have watched and rewatched for like forever.. and not planning to stop.


  2. You should watch Whirlwind Girl 2 and it’s available on Youtube. I cringed when I first watched it and gave up but my love for Wookie made to watch the next episodes and in fact i enjoyed it many times over. Put aside the fact that it’s a Chinese production, Wookies fashion and godly looks and charm in the drama made me drool real bad. I found myself re-watching the drama many times again for Wookie. Do try it and you’ll probably like it too.


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