Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Releases Cute BTS Script Reading Video


Thank god it is the weekend, and there is nothing better than coming home to freshly release beautiful visuals of Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung! I did not think we would get to see a BTS script read, seeing how pathetic they had been by only releasing one picture of the script read before. Therefore, I am utterly thrilled we get to see a video today. The above image is my favourite of the lot from the video for various reasons, and I hope just like Uncontrollably Fond, stingy KBS will upload more official script read pictures a bit later tonight.

Tell me why he has to put one arm at the back of Yoo Jung’s chair in the above photo. When guys do that—it usually means they are very comfortable with that person, and/or like that person. It shows signs of attraction, and it has the meaning of marking his territory. Ya Bogummy, did you already have a crush on Yoo Jung? Or I should take it as he’s just doing a loooong stretch after hours-long of script reading. Yeah? Food for thought on this one, haha. But don’t ever let me know the truth because in my world, he is forever single until I am done loving him.

Behind the Scenes of the Script Read

They look soooo comfortable with one another already, which is a great thing if we, the drama viewers, want to see natural interactions that evolve into chemical reactions. If I cannot have an adult version of Oh Hae Young Again, then at least give me the tone-down version of Hae Young and Do Kyung. I’ll be a happy chap.

Seriously, up until now I still hasn’t seen that super cold prince I read all about from the novel. I was anticipating to see a cold and serious prince; yet I only see a cheeky, smiley prince. Ottokaeee? However, there’s that part of me that doesn’t want to see too many spoilers before the drama officially air, I know, so much dilemma.

Character Mapping based on the Script Read

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds is scheduled to air some time in August.


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3 thoughts on “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Releases Cute BTS Script Reading Video

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  1. The chair on Yoo Jung’s left side was itchy… he was about to scratch it that’s why.

    Whoever gal who later uses that arm as a pillow will be the luckiest on Earth.


  2. A lot of the other actors she has worked with are all comfortable with her. They say she’s tom-boyish and not shy, they’re all pretty close now. Anyway can’t wait for Yoo Jung and Bo Gum!!


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