Heart-Palpitating New Stills for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds


Finally. We have HD visual of the above still of Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. As if this isn’t explosive enough, KBS releases the next still which literally had my eyeballs pop out.

I am now dying to know which scene and what the scenario is all about! They are dirty, but all I see is aura of pink happiness surrounding our Crown Couple. Kyaaaaa~

Too bad that news has reported Beautiful Mind may suffer episodes cut so that KBS could air the Rio Olympics (yeah right, I don’t believe this excuse), and Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’ airing date may get pushed back for one more week. I think it has pretty much set in stone that we won’t see episode 1 on the 15th because the official poster and Naver website confirmed this by changing the air date to an ambiguous ‘2016.8’ instead of ‘2016.8.15’.

It sucks that Beautiful Mind may get episode cuts, because this can only mean the quality of a complete story-telling will deteriorate tremendously, much like Moorim School even though it wasn’t great to begin with. But on the contrary, I am thankful KBS are pushing back Moonlight Drawn by Clouds rather than pushing the date forward. It already sucks that the drama is up against Moon Lover; it sucks even more that it goes on air with Doctors still high on all ahjumma’s Must-Watch List.

All I can say is hell yes to the more time the production team has—the better—especially after having to change actor (goddamnit). More importantly this can only mean a lot of expectation is rested on this drama by KBS (Yikes to uri Bogummy!).

Good news for Chinese literate Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’ fans:

The web novel is being translated to Traditional Chinese, and the estimated time each volume will be available for sale on various participating bookshops in Taiwan are:


﹝卷一﹞:初月 7月31日 (07/27開始預購)
﹝卷二﹞:月暈 8月14日 (08/05開始預告)
﹝卷三﹞:月戀 9月初
﹝卷四﹞:月夢 9月初
﹝卷五﹞:烘雲托月 10月初

Volume 1: 2016.07.31
Volume 2: 2016.08.14
Volume 3: early September
Volume 4: early September
Volume 5: early October

For more details, please contact Star East Press directly.

Each volume has a very poetic name in relation to ‘moon’, but unfortunately, imma is not a poetic person and thus, is not daring enough to embarrass myself by translating the names. *Runs awayyyyy*

Edit: Actually, I change my mind. I will translate it for a good laugh, because the direct translation is hilarious.

初月 = First moon / First month
月暈 = Moon Giddy (this one actually means Moon’s Halo)
月戀 = Moon Love
月夢 = Moon Dream
烘雲托月 = Bake cloud support/entrust the moon

So… to be a shit even more and offering more good laughs, I am interpreting the meaning as follows:

First Moon: When Ra On first meet our Crown Prince Hyomyeong.

Moon = Prince
Cloud = Ra On

Moon Giddy: I’ll take it as Ra On making uri seja all flustered, frustrated and dizzy because he thinks he has feelings for a man, and when he finds out he is a she, and tries to hint his interest, she keeps thinking he is gay.

Moon Love: This is straight forward. Moon is officially in love and actively chasing Cloud.

Moon Dream: Cloud helping and support Moon fulfilling his dream…or we could interpret as Moon is having…um…’dreams‘ about Cloud. Hem. Hem.

Bake Cloud Entrust Moon: Can anyone take a guess?








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