Kim Yoo Jung & Jin Young’s Turn to Tease Us with Moonlight Drawn by Clouds New Stills


Ah. Ah. Ahhhh. So much prettyyyyyy. I thought I could have a break today, but I was wrong. This time round we have stills of Kim Yoo Jung and Jin Young in their respective character Hong Ra On and Kim Yoon Sung in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. Ya! Ra On belongs to uri Seja Hyomyeong. Hands off!

To be honest, this isn’t the image that got me all excited. It’s this one below that had me blood boiling…[震惊][震惊][震惊]

… and whyyyyy is it so small??? [崩溃][崩溃][崩溃]

Let’s look at the blur details after I enlarge it.

Why are their face dirty? Why is my Bogummy pushing Yoo Jung up against the rock? Is he going to attack her lips? Kyaaaaaaa. Sigh. I can’t with these two. My heart is about to explode.

Maybe…perhaps…we’ll find out tomorrow when the first official teaser is released. I wish I know when exactly the teaser will be released, so that I can hide somewhere I can scream in excitement, swoon and spazz all at the same time.

Until then… we’ll just have to keep ourselves entertained with this flash mob gif by uri cutie pie Prince Park Bo Gum and his naughty tongue. Hehe.


One thought on “Kim Yoo Jung & Jin Young’s Turn to Tease Us with Moonlight Drawn by Clouds New Stills

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  1. Wait.
    Why would he DISPLAY his tongue during the flash mob? I mean WHY?? I totally just don’t get it.

    Why did he wear that blue royal garb during the flash mob? because he’s USING it during the drama filming.

    Now what about his tongue?
    Unless he has to USE it during the drama, like having a French kiss behind that rock, then he shouldn’t tease us by displaying how adorbable it is.

    Right? RIGHT?


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