Third Peek! Moon Lover: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Drops Individual Character Posters


Hmm. Would have been nice if they release an all cast character poster to go along with these individual ones too. Then I wouldn’t have to use such pathethic one as feature image. Anywhos, we have brand new character posters released for upcoming sageuk drama, Moon Lover: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. They really should just stick to one name and be done with it, sigh.

Overall I’m satisfied with the cinematic touch to the posters; they are beautiful, but then I kind of expected a lot more than just…this. No doubt Lee Jun Ki‘s looks the best, but I am greatly disappointed with IU‘s. I seriously think there are much prettier images of her that can be used, or they are planning to wow us all a little later…?

The story is set in Goryeo period so I am expecting to see lots of beautiful costumes that closely resemble the Chinese’s. IU plays a modern day woman of age 34, who was trying to save a little kid from drowning, but she fell into the lake and drown. Her soul somehow travels through time and landed in a 16 years old girl’s body in Goryeo. Oopsy!

The drama is completely pre-produced; thus, I am fully expecting it not to suck, and pray that Lee Jun Ki doesn’t disappoint again. The man has great moves, but he hasn’t been impressive acting-wise, so no matter how much people love him, I just don’t see what’s the big deal about him, LOL. Please prove me wrong for the 3rd time.

Moon Lover: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo is scheduled to air August 29 after Doctors. However, with the current ratings Doctors is receiving, I would put if pass that SBS won’t decide on an extension.

4th prince

8th prince
3rd prince
9th prince
10th prince
13th prince
14th prince

Other Casts’ Stills

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