Progress of Latest Drama Watching — July 2016


Farewell to Oh Hae Young, and welcome to more new shows. It is sad to let the good show go, and even harder when there are no drama at the moment that can replace it. As previously mentioned, there is no way I have time to write individual reviews; thus, the best I could do is compiled both spazzing and ranting into one post. Note: Rants will definitely overshadow the spazzing.

Note: this post contains spoilers.


by Yoon Si Yoon, Kim Sae Ron, Kwak Si Yang, Jang Hee Jin, Yum Jung Ah, Lee Sung Jae, Lee Ji Hoon.

I wasn’t going to watch this at first, but gotten a bit curious with all the praises for the show. I don’t love it like others do, but I acknowledge how well it is done as a magical-fantasy sageuk. It surpassed my expectation, and it is also captivating to a certain extent. It has, however, started to get really draggy with everyone fighting against Hong Joo (Yum Jung Ah). It’s like Daebak where everyone is trying to catch one villain. I know they can’t kill her, but it’s frustrating to watch, that’s all. Can’t they at least lock her up so she can no longer do any harm until they break the curse? And good lord, this is a 20-episodes drama; there are still 6 more episodes to endure watching Hong Joo does whatever she likes to everyone. But the funny thing is I still want to watch it because I want to know how it ends. In conclusion, it’s not a bad watch, and it really is a much better executed magical-fantasy drama compared to shows such as Scholar Who Walks the Night or The Night Watchman’s Journal.

Status: Still going

Verdict: 👌


by Choi Min Soo, Yeo Jin Goo, Jang Geun Suk, Jun Kwang Leol, Im Ji Yeon, Yoon Jin Seo.

Bring out the confetti as Yi In Jwa is finally dead. I feel so unkind wishing for someone’s death, but can’t helped feeling relief when he is finally being torn to pieces, and he can’t returned from the dead to harm Yeoning and Dae Gil. This is how much I really want him gone in the show. He has been left to wreak havoc for waaaay too long that it makes other characters such as King Sukjong, Yeoning and Dae Gil look stupid.

The ending, I would say, is as best as one could hope for. It didn’t suck, but then it didn’t really relate back to what the show originally set out to be—i.e. gambling. Then again, I no longer care, except feeling glad that both Yeoning and Dae Gil are well, alive and unharmed.

The show is very flawed, but I would still recommend it just so that you can see how awesome Choi Min Soo‘s acting is; how grown up Yeo Jin Goo has become, and he is walking on the right path to becoming a good actor too. Even Jang Geun Suk did well. Honestly though, if they hadn’t learnt anything being on the set with Choi Min Soo, then they are just silly. LOLLL.

Status: Completed

Verdict: 👌


by Lee Joon, Oh Jung Se, Lee Se Young, Lee Chung Ah, Jo Bok Rae, Kim Yoon Hye.

What and if. One of the worst ending I have ever seen. Very rarely I would ask to return the time I spent on watching a show, but Vampire Detective manage to achieve this with its ending. It was complete shit.

I’m happy that damsel in distress Jung Yoo Jin died, and that she brought Kang Tae Woo with her, but heck, she should have done that ages ago. I don’t even get why as a vampire she doesn’t utilise her vampire power to fight Tae Jin and protect Yoon Sun. She’s so god damn useless that I find her insulting all female species. There’s also Yo Na’s character which I will never get. She resisted ‘dying’ and giving up all these times, only to suddenly change her mind at the end of the show. Waeee?

Show. I am so mad at you for wasting the talents of Lee Joon and Oh Jung Se.

Status: Completed

Verdict: 💩💩💩💩💩


by Ji Sung, Hyeri, Kang Min Hyuk.

This show got a little bit more interesting when the older brother story was finally introduced. The song was beautiful, sung by the actor Jo Bok Rae, who plays Min Hyuk’s hyung. I didn’t know he could sing, and he has a powerful voice. So much Feels listening to it even not understanding the lyrics fully. Unfortunately, this story came a little too late in the show. It would definitely be so much more gripping if it was introduced earlier, instead of wasting time having Ji Sung and K Top fight back & forth. Moreover, it would have been easier to get into Hyung’s character, too. Jo Bok Rae was also playing the vampire villain in Vampire Detective, and it was difficult for me to put my hatred behind for for his character as Hyung. I think he’s too convincing as a villain that even now I hated seeing his face. LOL.

Ji Sung and Hyeri‘s loveline is also very weak; they have no chemistry onscreen at all, so to make them into a couple is rather forceful.

Status: Completed

Verdict: 👎


by Kim Rae Won, Park Shin Hye, Lee Sung Kyung, Yoon Kyun Sang, Ji Soo.

Four episodes in, the storyline is considered predictable and old i.e. losing grandma, love entanglement, hospital politics, power struggle and bitching/back-stabbing— basically nothing I have not seen in my years long of medical dramas watching. At one point, I had to distant myself from medical dramas because I was so sick of the same things being rehashed. Therefore, I really hope the script spice it up a little with some refreshing and intriguing new ideas. Honestly, achieving a rating of 15% at episode 4 is considered quite absurd since the story hasn’t even began.

Strategically, I do believe it is well orchestrated by SBS or the production team by having Yoo Hye Jung (Park Shin Hye) kick some gangster’s ass. It captivates the audiences from the very beginning, unlike Beautiful Mind, which started off slow and dull in comparison. Shin Hye’s fighting scene was well executed, and is great entertainment-wise, but that is it, really. Logically, I would not think is wise for doctors to engage in a fight at all because I am pretty sure a surgeon should be extremely careful not to hurt their precious hands—since they need their hands to save lives. Just sayin’.

Casting logic aside, I didn’t mind the story, and is quite fond of Kim Rae Won‘s character Hong Ji Hong, and his performance. I have no issue with the teacher-student loveline because clearly, these sort of stories do exist in real life; hence, it is considered realistic. Besides, are we truly all innocent, and never had any crush on our teacher(s)?

I highly doubt this show will revolve around doctors operating on patients, or focusing on disease diagnosis; hence, I am reluctant to call it a medical drama. At best, I think it’s just a story of a girl’s journey of self-discovery; rekindling her unrequitted love with her teacher, as well as a guy being entangled in hospital politics, and pursuing the girl who is now of legal age, LOL. I wonder how Ji Soo fit into all this, or is he just a cameo?

At this point, Kim Rae Won is the star of the drama. I don’t even like him, but I see the charm he is exuding through his character. On the contrary, Park Shin Hye has her moments where she can be great, and then there are times where she isn’t, particularly emotional sad scenes. She is much better when she’s being all tough rather than weak or crying. Overall, I am fine with all the characters’ setup except Jin Seo Woo (Lee Sung Kyung). I did not want to jump into this drama to watch her turning into a crazy bitch over a man, but she just had to do that again. *Face-palm*

I did detest Jung Yoon Do (Yoon Kyun Sang) in the beginning until episode 5. Now he’s starting to grow on me with his awkwardness, although I still am shaking my head at him risking patient’s life in an attempt to override Hye Jung with authority. It’s unethical.

Lastly, that so-called kisssss. Oh dear. It’s awkward; and it’s hideous (+ alpha), LOL. I blame it mostly on the director because why would they be okay with Kim Rae Won kissing Shin Hye in such an awkward position? At age 40, I’m sure he knows the right way to kiss a girl is to tilt his head to the side and plant his lips on hers. That aside, the most visually unsatisfying bit had to be the kiss freezes at just their lips touching, but both their lips shut so tightly, and the show ends here. Are both of them subconsciously refusing to kiss each other? I would not even classify that as a kiss. It’s a mood-killier; It’s terrible, and I hope the next one will be better. Else, don’t have any at all. Jaebal.

Status: 6 episodes in…still going.

Verdict: Entertaining


by Jang Hyuk, Park So Dam, Park Se Young, Yoon Hyun Min, Min Sung Wook, Oh Jung Se.

Four episodes in…what the hell is Gye Jin Sung (Park So Dam) doing? She starts off as a rookie traffic police, and out of nowhere she becomes a homicidal detective, investigating the murder cases happening in the hospital. I am sorry? I kind of think one needs experience to do all that? But I guess it explains why her investigation has been futile. Yet this is the major problem I have with this show—having to watch her does all sort of useless of absolute nothing for 4 episodes straight. She is no help to anyone, or the show, and is extremely tiresome to watch her play kids picnic with Dr. Hyun Suk Joo (Yoon Hyun Min), or throwing a kiddy tantrum at Lee Young Oh (Jang Hyuk).

I was actually happy that episode 2 got interesting after a slow and dull introduction in episode 1. However, 3-4 did not do very well again, and it is disappointing that the medical scenes are mostly skipped and happened off-screen. Thus, I can only conclude this isn’t going to be the medical drama I am expecting to see—and I think it is just going to be about a mystery murder revolving around Lee Young Oh, and he is the medical detective solving this murder mysteries whilst treating patients. Tsk tsk. I initially thought maybe the female lead will help Lee Young Oh learn empathy and be considerate of other people, but with her being so useless at the moment, I am not so sure anymore.

Let’s face it: the script is badly written, and did not establish each character’s story solid enough, and the story-telling is not executed in the manner that captivate its viewers. I think it’s trying hard to be a smart, mystery drama like I Remember You, but it unfortunately does not come any where close.

I really want to care about the characters in this show, but the care factor is currently zero. None of the characters are appealing or relatable even though I fully acknowledge there are good actors in there, and thus, the performance should not suck, but they are not doing any magic for me. I swear I am not even that difficult to please! The female actresses in this show: Park So Dam and Park Se Young are so bland and bleurgh that they are not helping the show.

I am clearly struggling with this show, and hoping that it will grip me soon. I’m falling behind on episodes too, but I do plan to watch the latest before making the decision whether it will be best to drop it.

Updated July 07:

5-6 got better, and I like the twist in these episodes. But the development still consider slow and convoluted; yet I am now intrigued enough to want to know the monster everyone sees of Young Oh can go against all odds. I am sad for him that his own father calls him a monster, but I still want to believe all those years spent teachimg him to blend in means he loves his son. And more importantly, I want to believe Young Oh does know love, and love his father, too.

Status: 6 episodes in.

Verdict: Getting better


by Hwang Jung Eum, Ryu Jun Yeol, Lee Soo Hyuk, Lee Chung Ah.

I am losing interest in this drama. It’s still a cute watch, but I have little tolerance with Shim Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum), Gary (Lee Soo Hyuk) and Amy (Lee Chung Ah). These 3 characters are making me feeling dap dap hae (frustrated).

I understand where/how/why Bo Nui is fearing, but the conflict she puts herself to, or the reason of her rejecting Je Soo Ho (Ryu Jun Yeol) is unrealistic and unreasonable. I guess you can say I am Je Soo Ho v2.0 where I cannot compute her superstitions. I am unwilling to, too.

I hope the show isn’t going along with this superstition nonsense all the way to the end because heck, that would annoy the hell out of me. The change in heart for Bo Nui in episode 12 also doesn’t quite cut it for me, since she is so adamant that she is bad luck to everyone she loves. I thought it would take a whole lot more persuasion before she eventually come to her senses.

It’s disappointing that after the success of playing awesome character like Kim Hye Jin in She Was Pretty, Hwang Jung Eum landed a Shim Bo Nui. Bo Nui is such a dull and negative character that instead of making me smile, she sucks the energy out of me. If it weren’t for Je Soo Ho and buddy to lighten up the mood, the show is pretty meh.

The drama should be at its peak right now at half-way mark, but narratively, I do not believe it is doing very well. However, I give props to Jun Yeol playing Je Soo Ho wonderfully. In recent episodes, it is all Soo Ho that is making this show watchable. The screen writer really needs to up his/her game for Shim Bo Nui now, and not make Lucky Romance into a one-man show.

Status: Still going

Verdict: 😑


by Seo In Guk, Ma Dong Suk, Choi Soo Young, Song Ok Sook, Lee Sun Bin, Jung In Ki

So far so good. It started off slow, so you’ll have to be patient; Yang Jung Do (Seo In Guk) didn’t appear until 30 minutes into the first episode. However, once he appear, the atmosphere lit up straight away, and the tone of the drama shifted. I grit my teeth each time when I watch it because rich people evading tax makes my blood boils, so of course, I desperately want Jung Do to succeed in cheating Ma Jin Suk’s money.

But 4 episodes in, Jung Do is not having much luck with his plan because they are like, a thousands of people want him to fail. I don’t know how the show is going to pull this off for 12 more episodes with detective Sa Jae Sung (Jung In Ki) already on Jung Do’s tail. It also didn’t help that Chun Sung Hee (Choi Soo Young) is hindering the grand plan, thinking she’s doing her boss, Baek Sung Il (Ma Dong Suk), a favour.

Yet episode 5-6 surprises me with a twist, and turns out Ma Jin Suk is just the small fish in the pond, and there are two more bigger fishes to catch in the sea for our Squad 38. I like it! Now we’re talking, and there are still so much more back-story of Jung Do we do not know about and need to explore. Yes yes, keep it coming, but I wish the show can drop the side-story of Sung Hee. She’s soooo boring and meek. I do see Soo Young is trying to act tough, but it really does not come off that way through her acting. Sung Hee aside, I am liking all the Squad 38 members, and is dying to watch the next episode where they try to save Baek Sung Il’s from getting fired.

Status: Still going, and going strong…

Verdict: 👌


by Eric Mun, Seo Hyun Jin, Kim Mi Kyung, Jeon Hye Bin, Ye Ji Won, Kim Ji Suk.

Love. Have courage and embrace love. Don’t worry if you stumbled on a stone, or fall on the way whilst loving, or be embarrassed of the failure. Be brave and just love. That’s basically our sweet regular Oh Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin). Omma Kim Mi Kyung has raised her well.

Fear and pain. Hide the true feelings and build a wall around the heart because of the fear of losing someone, and fear of pain when loved ones are lost. Close that door and the windows; shut everyone out, don’t let them see my bleeding heart. It’s embarrassing. That’s basically Park Do Kyung (Eric Mun). His Omma didn’t raise him with love.

At first, I like the drama because it began differently. The story is different. Uri Hae Young is different to the typical female leads in Kdrama. Then I also love the comedic tone the show took on. Now I love it even more when I realised this show is teaching us about ‘love’, and that it has a purpose—i.e. having Hae Young drag and force Do Kyung out of his shell, break down that wall he has built up to protect himself.

I absolutely loveeee seeing an all flustered, what-should-I-do-with-this-woman Do Kyung. I like his quiet personality, too, but I love him even more in the latter episode when he embraces love and cast fear aside. Needless to say, I love x 100 the person that causes that change in Park Do Kyung. Uri Hae Young is jjiang. The BEST Hae Young we will ever know, too.

Actress Seo Hyun Jin has now become one of my favourite 30-something actresses thanks to this show. She is so natural with her acting, and she has thousands of facial expressions that I cannot get enough of.  I don’t know what’s her secret—her crying is infectious, and makes me cry with her all the time. Eric also did wonderfully playing the difficult-to-please-boss/brother, shy boyfriend and emotionally disabled, but kind and soft hearted Park Do Kyung. I am short of praises for them both; all I know is, I will miss this OTP a lot. They make another convincing drama couple. ❤

Supporting actress Kim Mi Kyung and Ye Ji Won are the best Omma and quirkest Noona respectively. Kim Mi Kyung, needless to say, is a veteran actress and I particularly love it when she plays a character with strong personality. She’s so funny to watch if the show lets her go all freeee. I love her to bits even though I don’t always watch all her shows, since not all drama screen writer gives her meaty, fun roles to play. Ye Ji Won is definitely a surprise because I have never seen her so lively and unique until she plays Park Soo Kyung. She was soooo MEH and boring in Naeil’s Cantabile, but she turns out to be one with many ideas as seen in the BTS.

Last but not least, the show’s best episode has got to be episode 9 when the pent up emotions reaches its boiling point for the OTP. The damn extension ruined the show’s pace, and it did lose its magic a little, but overall, it still is one very well made drama filled with colourful and rich characters. I ❤ the finale episode; another episode where Hae Young and Omma made me cry, but next scene it cracks me up again thanks to Soo Kyung and Jin Sang. And it was feels good when the characters bring out genuine, happy smile out of you… ❤

Status: Completed

Verdict: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


One thought on “Progress of Latest Drama Watching — July 2016

Add yours

  1. What a handful of shows. Among all those, I only am watching Doctors. Like it to some extent.. but not to the point where I feel restles all week long.
    What I like most is Yoon Do’s growing interest on Hye Jung, Hye Jung & Ji Hoong’s interaction/romance, and the Boss-nim. Hhahahahha… I like it that the then tough gangster Boss now is falling for his doctor.
    What I don’t like is Seo Woo. I skipped all her scenes (include the ones with the restaurant ahjumma, whose acting I didn’t like). I feel like she could have been written way better that the typical second lead bitch. So far, we haven’t witnessed a lot of her surgical skills. But I do think she isn’t that bitch by heart. She did show some concern when Hye JUng was in danger. One is when Hye Jung was asked to operate patient thanks to Yoon Do & Hye Jung’s ego show. Seo Woo called JH and because of that JH went in as HJ’s assistant.
    And so I hope we can get more human sides of her beside the insecurities and jealousy.
    The kiss.. hmm… to call it a kiss is overstatement. And, given Shin Hye’s history of infamous dead-fish kisses, the Director is just adding another list on SH’s bad kiss portfolio. But I’ll forgive and forget it if Ep 6 begins with both adults start tilting their heads and moving their lips coz they realise “real kissing” cannot be done that way.

    Liked by 1 person

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